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  1. The work on this is outstanding. The detail is amazing, and the commitment is that of a master modeler, well done!
  2. I too have a son with autism and him mainstreaming into school scares the life out of me. Take care of your family. We will be here when you come back.
  3. Man that is one sharp build. Black is hard to get right, and yours is superb.
  4. I absolutely love those old 1/32 kits. Grew up on them, and still have a blast building them, brings back memories of childhood and building for the sake of having fun building and having that cool airplane on the shelf. That said, still love the modern ultra realistic stuff too, but it's a hobby and meant to be fun, and I try to enjoy it all.
  5. Is that the one with the 1/32 Voodoo and 106 as a free bonus?
  6. I built the kit, had fun with it, My son now has it at his home, on a shelf with the other models I have built over the years.As to the ultimate accuracy, I cannot say, but it was fun to build and looks nice on the shelf.
  7. they show emotion, and a story. It's a great talent, my son does figures, something I can never pull off. Add some wingy thingys, and well that there is just perfection. (hahaha) And maybe a starship Enterprise...
  8. Love the cockpit work, very neat.
  9. Beautiful build of a brutal looking aircraft.
  10. title says it all, looking into a possible 1/32 F-4 and wondering if anyone still makes decals for the stenciling leaning towards the two tone blue RF-4 version. Thanks in advance.
  11. Nice, I have never done a actual Luftwaffe paint scheme. I built the old Stuka painted it mustard yellow with brown spots for camo. More like ameoba blobs and patches, but for a 9 year old, looked pretty cool. I also did not glue the spats so the gear could retract...
  12. I have that one purchased back in 2005 still sealed. A hobby shop owner that I frequented in Duluth MN had a whole area of his hobby shop in the basement for storage, and forgot a stash of kits that he had in stock from the 60's and 70's. HE sold me the kit for $10 sealed and gave me a 1/72 B-66 also sealed. I opened the box, and it had the 1968 catalogue for Revell and a postcard you could send in with a dime taped to it and get a record with "Authentic" Japanese Zero engine sounds. I wonder if I can take them up on it??
  13. Those old Revell/Monogram 1/32 kits. You know the ones, inaccurate, clunky devoid of details. I absolutely love them. When I build, it takes me back to the days as a kid in the 70's when I would slap a kit together in an hour, then spend weeks flying in the most amazing combat the world has ever seen, me, surviving against the entire Japanese and Luftwaffe. Now when I build them, I get a chance to stretch the skills, and in the back of my mind, still get to be the greatest pilot ever seen on the face of the Earth. Who's the same? come on, fess up!
  14. Oh I have some pretty decent skills, but I look at the wood work, the detail, and realize that some things are just so well done, that I would just botch it. I enjoy scratching, and pushing my boundaries, but I still say some things are beyond me.
  15. Amazingly beautiful build. I am in awe of you guys that build these. I don't have half the talent. Again, stunning build.
  16. Beautiful build. I just opened mine up and discovered the entire bottom half of the wing is missing. Probably have to do a crash dio or something.
  17. Thats what he specifies they are for, he has been around a while, never herd anything bad about him.
  18. If you ever get a chance visit his grave in Poplar Wisconsin. He was buried about 15 minutes from my home.. Simple grave in a graveyard where his is tended to and he is remembered. My wife's grandfather went to school with him back in the day, I even have her grandfathers yearbook with his signature and note in it. He was quite the hero. Your model is amazing, and the details stand out. You have done him proud,
  19. Love you website, been bookmarked for years!
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