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  1. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Thank you Jack! Indeed it's been around for some time. This is the 1982 release and I have decals from the 1993 RoG release I am using as well. Later, Lee
  2. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Painted the anti-skid area Tamiya Flat Black. This will get some mild weathering as to help hide the brush strokes. Later., Lee
  3. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Update! I got the last bits glued on this week and laid down the Testors Model Master Oliver Drab and Glosscote right out of the rattle cans. I had to scratchbuild the small round light and brace for it under the nose as my kit was missing it (or I lost it somehow). Now to begin the decals. Crossed fingers as I am using two sets of Revell decals for most of the markings! Later, Lee Odd little light setup. Found the round light in the spares and used styrene for the mount. Masking!
  4. I broke this old started kit out for a Facebook build on the 100th anniversary of the RAF. As you can see it had some odd colors painted onto it. It was missing seven of the eight guns so I replaced them with plastic mounting blocks and plastic tube drilled out. Also boxed in the wheel wells. Added details on the port side of the cockpit and now working on the starboard side. Was going to motorize it but the UK postal service removed the engine that was sent to me out of the package. ??? ??? I'd like to hunt one down stateside this time...we shall see. Lord, this thing is HUGE! Later, Lee
  5. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Thank you Peter! I'm pleased so far but ultimately my friend is the one who needs to be happy. He has been pleased with what's been done so that makes everything worthwhile. Later, Lee
  6. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Shark64, thanks for the recommendation. Nice stuff for sure but I'm happy with the Dragon crew. So, a bit of an update here. The seams have all been filled and sanded down. The fuselage halves were both warped which made assembly and seam filling 'loads of fun' in a few spots. The overall fit has been so-so...but heck it was released in 1982. I cut out the molded-in screens on the engine covers and replaced them with brass screen cut to fit. Some odds and ends to add during the week, mask the interior off and hope to get paint on it this weekend. Later, Lee Screens cut out on left side cover... Screens in place...
  7. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Thank you Kevin! I was pretty tired when I posted...I appreciate you doing that. Thank you for the compliment as well. Sincerely, Lee
  8. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Well, the interior is completed and I got her buttoned up. I added weight to the nose and under the floor to get it to stay in the skids. Since the pics were taken last night I’ve added putty to the seams that needed it and have them sanded down. I’m going to add the windows after I paint it. Later, Lee
  9. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Hi Troy! Thanks for the encouragement and for the info on the resin crew! Later, Lee
  10. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Thank you gents! Grateful, Lee
  11. While this has been the year of the 'SoD Clear-Off' for my builds this year I am having to make an exception. My closest friend's father served in Vietnam in '64-'65 with the Rattlers. He was a crew chief on 'C' and 'D' UH-1s. Well, his father's cancer has come back a 3rd time and, at '74 years old, it's terminal. He's been given until this fall to live. Well, now it's at the forefront to complete. I had a friend of mine give me his figures from his Dragon kit a few years back for this build (when it was a 'when you get to it' kind of thing) and, although they are 1/35th scale, they will work alright IMHO. I've got to see about having someone make the Rattlers logo for me. I cannot make out the tail number in the one pic so I'll be guessing a bit there. So far here is where I am at. Later, Lee
  12. Nanook

    Best stuff to use for stripping paint?

    Thank you all! I received the kit as a freebie that was about 2/3rds done. The paint appears to be acrylic. I got most of the 1st layer off but the base layer is tough stuff. I'll soak the whole thing. Thanks again, Lee P.S. I'll let you know how it works out and what I use.
  13. I have a 1/48 Hasegawa Hornet I’m trying to rescue. I need to strip the old paint off. Thanks for any tips and suggestions. Later, Lee
  14. Nanook

    Hasegawa Bf 109G-6

    Thanks Dennis! Indeed these Hasegawa kits go together fast, look good and are a pleasure to build. Glad to hear you got your mojo back! Later, Lee
  15. Nanook

    Hasegawa Bf 109G-6

    Yes, actually! The cockpit is done save for the belts. I need to post up a pic or two. Later, Lee