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  1. Nanook

    US Carrier deck prints - finally ready!

    Wow, those look terrific! I'm thinking I will be getting a pre-war one for my Monogram Grumman F3F kit. Later, Lee
  2. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey tribute build

    Thank you all for your kind words! I appreciate that very much. I'm also grateful for your advice and support during the build itself! Sincerely, Lee Fogel
  3. So, I wrapped up the Huey on Thursday night. I used Verlinden dry transfers for the tail codes and I had lost/misplaced the helmet for Mr. Best (the gent standing) but found it and was able to place it in the cargo area near his gun. I was able to show it at the IPMS Cincy show on Saturday. Alas, the competition was stiff and I did not place. It's being presented to Mr. Best this afternoon for his birthday. There is a very good chance that this will be his last birthday before the cancer wins out. For those that have not followed along on the In Progress post, here's the lowdown. My best/closest friend, Wayne Best, asked me to build a replica of the UH-1D that his father was CC on in Vietnam with Company A/501st Transportation Division, Rattlers 10/64 - 10/65. They later became 71st Assault Helicopter Company stationed in Bien Hoa. I used the old Revell UH-1 Huey. This is the 1982 release. I used a combination of three different Revell decal sheets for this kit to get it all in place. The tail codes are Verlinden dry transfers and the 'Rattlers' logo was custom made by a local car modeler. Paints used were Testors Olive Drab, Glosscote and Testors Dullcote right of the rattle cans. The other colors were Tamiya, Model Master and Vallejo. The three crew figures are from Dragon and the standing figure of Don Best (my friend's father) is a modified Academy figure. The gear is assorted Tamiya, Academy and Verlinden pieces, The clipboard I made on my own. I applied a pin wash using AMMO Oilbrushers and Abteilung 502 oils. The figures were painted with Vallejo and Andrea paints. The base is a picture frame with an old Verlinden card stock applique. I used K&S aluminum tubing for the cargo area bars and ground out the molded-in engine cover screens and replaced them with brass mesh. Overall, I am pleased with the build. There are a few things I would/could have done differently (or done better). However, I think I captured what my friend wanted to have in place for his father's memory of his time in Vietnam. It's a bit of a bugger of a kit but patience, sanding, filler and more sanding will yield a nice looking Huey IMHO. Thanks for letting me share my journey on this build with you all. Sincerely, Lee
  4. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    I was debating on doing that very thing. I have a pair of washes I can choose from that should do the trick. Thanks a bunch! Lee
  5. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Rotors and all glass in place. Just a few minor pairing details to add and some small rotor head pieces to attach. Then add the gear and mount in the base. Will be all done by Thursday night. Entering it in the IPMS Cincinnati show on Saturday and then presenting it on Sunday. Later, Lee
  6. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Finished the Dragon figures for the UH-1 Huey. I struggle with figures especially flesh tones but I’m getting better. The clipboard turned out pretty respectable. I still have to add the left forearm of my friend’s father but that’s it. Later, Lee
  7. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    A few more pics. I added the metal support bars using an aluminum rod. Here are a few shots outside after adding pigments and exhaust stains. Crew has their base color painted and I hope to wrap them up later this week. Later, Lee
  8. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Thank you Troy, Danny and Brian for your kudos. Got to it last night and tonight. It’s weathered and added aluminum rod on either side where the gunner sits at the door. Made a clipboard for the co-Pilot too. Here’s a few pics... Later, Lee
  9. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Update! I got the tail repainted, added the replacement decals (Thank you again, Jack!) and have it ready to weather now. Also finalized the crew and my friend’s father (standing by the pilot's door). Removed the remaining masking and painted the upper windows translucent green (not glued into place yet). Later, Lee
  10. Nanook

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk.I

    Got things a bit closer together in the cockpit. Eduard Seatbelts are on order. Added odds and ends from my OE spares to give some added details. Later, Lee
  11. Nanook

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk.I

    Tuesday I discovered that I was out of RAF cockpit green. Seeing as how the nearest hobby shop that carries it is over 80 miles away I decided to sleep on it and tonight I improvised. I mixed up Compucolor’s Pale Green and Dark Sea Grey. I’m pretty pleased...good enough for me! Later, Lee
  12. Nanook

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk.I

    Back to working on this project. The radiator area is lacking so I busted out the wire mesh and tools of destruction and voila! More to come, Lee What I started with: What I wound up with:
  13. Nanook

    RIP David Hannant 1930 - 2018

    Wow what a shame. This is a real loss to our community. Saddened, Lee
  14. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    Thank you, Troy, for your service and for that information. I had not yet got to that point about the soot and exhaust. Your info is very helpful. Thank you very much for the kudos and kind words. Sincerely, Lee
  15. Nanook

    Revell 1/32 UH-1D Huey and Dragon crew

    So I took the opportunity last night to mock up my figure of my friend's dad. Took me parts from six different figures to get to this point. This is the 1st time I have ever cut up and created my own figure (in any scale). I'm pleased. It's not going to be 100% spot-on but good enough. Now to clean him up and modify him. Later, Lee My attempt...