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  1. Hello.
    As I understand it, we are talking about our sets of Halberd Models.
    Let me answer all the questions in order.
    First, Dunlop tires were massively installed on German aircraft during World War II, apparently there is the same story as with Ford cars that were massively in service with the Wehrmacht.
    Second clearance between tire and rim on Do-335 set.
    That's quite possible.
     We were faced with this situation, several modelers wrote that the disc and tire do not sit under tightness.
    The reason only applies to some of the first sets, since they had a minimum tension when designing, in all new sets this problem was not observed.
    The reason is that today the company Axsson whose materials we used have been taken over by Sika and it has changed the characteristics of the resin that we used, this material after casting gives a large shrinkage of parts.
    To date, the material has been replaced and this problem does not exist.
    We are always open to dialogue and communication.
    Some modelers contacted us with their problem that after processing they damaged parts or tires, we always went to meet them and changed the damaged parts free of charge.
    If you have any problems, please write to us, we will be happy to help you.
    Best regards from Ukraine, Andrey.


  2. 9 hours ago, Halberd Models said:

    Unfortunately, none of the distributors expressed a desire to work with us.
    We sent a lot of samples, but the result was zero.
    Hannants replied that he had no interest in our products, he was satisfied with other manufacturers from Ukraine, although their quality was much worse.
    If any of the distributors expresses a desire to work with us, I will immediately inform you.
    Respectfully from Ukraine, Andrey.


  3. Hello, friends.
    We have completed two sets for the new A-26 Invader from HobbyBoss in 1/32 scale
    New sets have adjustable drawdown of all wheels.
    Sets will go on sale in our store on EBay next week.
    Thank you so much for your interest in our sets.
    Take care of yourself during this difficult time.
    Greetings from Ukraine, Andrey.



  4. Hello dear colleagues!
    We have completed two new 1/32 scale kits for TBM / TBF Avenger models
    And finally, we were able to finish the production of the kit for the Avro Lancaster model in 1/32 scale.
    I would especially like to thank Jeffrey Stouter from Schwenksville Pennsylvania USA, who helped us measure the model for making this kit.
    I hope you enjoy the sets.
    Take care of yourself during this difficult time.
    With all respect, Andrey.https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=907441686385502&id=538296593300015&notif_id=1589489364093093&notif_t=page_post_reaction&ref=notif

  5. Thank you for the nice words about our sets.
    The kit for the P-38 is already in operation, in May the first kits for purchase should be available.
    Also tomorrow will be available for purchase kits in 1/32 scale for the following models F6F, F4U and TBM & TBF Avenger.
    In the near future kits for Avro Lancaster will also be available, we finally received a parcel with materials for work from the USA.
    Now we are finishing work on sets for the P-51 and F / A-18, A-26 models.
    The plans for the summer are the manufacture of sets for the F-15 and F-16.
    Thanks again for your interest in our sets.
    Take care of yourself. In this difficult time!
    Sincerely from Ukraine, Andrey.

  6. Dear colleagues.
    In this difficult time I wish everyone to be healthy and not get sick!
    We have finished work on new kits for the P-47 D on a scale of 1/24 and 1/32, and soon they will be available for purchase.
    As I promised, these sets with adjustable wheel drawdown.
    We have prepared a video on how to process them and how to independently increase the drawdown on the tire.

    The release of the kit for Avro Lancaster is a little delayed, we are waiting to receive materials for work from the USA. Unfortunately, now mail has increased delivery time.
    Sincerely from Ukraine, Andrey.

  7. Hello dear modelers.
    That's right, our wheels are neither vinyl nor rubber.
    They are made of polyurethane composites, like discs.
    Only hard disks and soft tires.
    After polymerization, tires do not melt plastic and resin.
    We have been using this material for more than five years and to date there has not been a single criticism that the tires damaged the model.
    I hope the number by February 10, I can already show our new wheels with a drawdown on the tires.
    Thank you all for your interest in our kits.
    Sincerely from Ukraine, Andrey.

  8. Unfortunately, 740x210 wheels were installed on the Fw 190D.
    And on the Fw 190, both early and late versions of the 700X175.
    And the problem is that we have not yet been able to find good photos of the 740x210 wheel.
    And my English is very bad, only a translator from Google saves me.
    With all respect, Andrey.

  9. Hello Tim.
    A set on the Fw 190D, so far no plans.
    Very few good photographs of the times of war, with readable inscriptions and markings on the tire.
    If we manage to find such photos, we will of course make such a set.
    Sincerely from Ukraine, Andrey.

  10. Dear colleagues.
    I apologize for my English, it's hard for me to explain, but I can assure you that you will really like our new sets.
    You can independently adjust the drawdown on the tire, it can either be fully inflated or fully deflated.
    We are now completing such a set on the P-47D in two scales 1/24 and 1/32.
    On our early kits there is no such option.
    It took us a while and several experiments to make this option.
    Our kits are sold only at https://www.ebay.com/str/halberdmodels
    If there are no sets on our page, write to me, I will try to make them quickly.
    Thank you very much for your interest in our sets.
    Sincerely from Ukraine, Andrey.

  11. Hello, Ron G.
    The set for P-38J / L is planned for release in the summer.
    Now we have completed kits in 1/32 scale on He-111 (early and late versions), He-162,
    Ju-88 (early and late options), Bf-110 E / F / G, F6F (five wheel options).
    In the near future, sets for P-47D and Lancaster will be released.
    These sets will contain a new option, modelers will be able to adjust the soft tire drawdown themselves, as is convenient.
    Sincerely from Ukraine, Andrey.

  12. Hello, friends
    Immediately I want to apologize for my English.
    Let me introduce myself, my name is Andrey Kozlov, I live in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
    My brother and I started a project for the production of wheels for models.
    Our wheels are made thanks to the fact that for many years they themselves have assembled plastic models and know what modellers want.
    Our wheels are made of soft rubber like Axson resin, they do not need to be painted, and when assembled, they are put on the disc in light tension.
    We have been making wheels from this resin for three years already; for car models on the 1/43 scale, during this time there has not been a single claim that the wheels eats wheels or cracks.
    On April 25-26, I was at the exhibition in Moshona Hungary, and I saw a reaction to our collectors' sets. Reviews were very positive.
    To date, ready to set on the following aircraft:

    A-26 (B/C) Invader 1/48 1/72 (two types of disks)

    B-17 Flying Fortress 1/32 1/48 1/72 (two types of disks)

    B-24 Liberator 1/32 1/48 1/72 (two types of disks)

    B-25 Mitchell 1/32 1/48 1/72

    B-26 Marauder 1/48 1/72 (two types of disks)

    B-29 Superfortress 1/48 1/72 (two types of disks)

    Bf 109G-6 1/32 1/48 (two types of wheels)

    Do 335 Pfeil 1/32 1/48 (Included are different front wheels and wheels)

    F-14 Tomcat A/A(late)&B/D 1/32 1/48 1/72

    Fw 190 A(earle)/A(late) 1/32 1/48

    He 219 UHU 1/32 1/48 (two types of wheels)

    Me 262 Schwalbe 1/32 1/48 (Included are different wheels on the front wheel)

    P-61 Blac Widow 1/32 1/48 1/72 (two types of disks)

    IL-2 Shturmovik 1/32 1/48 (two types of wheels)

    So that you can assess the quality of our sets, I am ready to send, some of them, for review on the pages of your forum.




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