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  1. I wasn´t aware of a tool to do screw heads. Could you please explain how you did those?
  2. Nick, it took me some time to read these pages, but it has been well worth the time spend! This is such a joy to watch you create this interesting piece of aviation! Wonderful work, love it!
  3. A "Tante Ju"? I am in, Jay! I like the colours and the shading applied so far! Makes me wait for more input here!
  4. Fred, having seen those kits in Nuremberg a nice lady told me them being in 1/32 scale. I was surprised, because they were this huge I suspected them being 1/16 scale! But I am afraid these are no plastic model kits, but die-cast metal. If you look closely to the upper most part of this picture you see the metal parts of an unpainted example in the next show case.
  5. Just adding some information on the outpost of the "Deutsches Museum", the "Flugwerft Oberschleissheim" is on the outskirts of Munich. Their website gives information in English language, too: http://www.deutsches-museum.de/en/flugwerft/information/
  6. Still doing improvements on this most impressive research work, Airfixer?
  7. Got this one last week and I do not regret having spend the money! Azkue´s modelling is stunning, presented in full colour superb pictures. Only, the translation from Spanish to English has at least one quirk: transparent (canopy) parts are given as "crystals" by the translator... Haha!!! Maybe I should have read the review first, as Kevin noticed this, too!
  8. Bruce, what makes you think your upgrade set has been done by MDC? Can you provide a scan of the instruction leaflet showing this? I wonder if ZM at some point switched from G-Factor to another manufacturer of this upgrade set?!?
  9. Contribution send, too. Hope you will be able to save your data! And, thanks for all done here on LSP!
  10. Maybe you missed the info given here? http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=60274&page=2&do=findComment&comment=756032
  11. Peter, what is shown on the link you provided is NOT the full packaging sheet! Take a guess why I took mine out of the box and made a partial scan of it, showing the section of the leaflet indeed mentioning the manufacturer of those metal parts. There is no doubt these He 219 legs have been manufactured by G-Factor for Zoukei-mura, as are the PE sets manufactured for them by Eduard. I am sure that Nick, talking to ZM on the trouble with his set, will be helped. @ Nick: contact me by PM if I could assist you here. You have my number...
  12. Nick, reading your posts I went and looked at my upgrade set from Zoukei-mura. Indeed this is manufactured for them by G-Factor Models! See here on the package leaflet you should find in yours: My set also has the typical bronze look and feel as my Ju 88 set from Ernie G. Also the attachments of the individual parts of the LG look the same as my Ju 88 set. If requested I gladly make a picture of my set to post it here, for you to see that this is done by G-Factor, not SAC... I try to bend some parts of my upgrade set and it takes quite some force to do so, if ever. Certainly much (!) stronger and no visual match to some "Soft And Cr@pp¥ stuff" (thanks for this one, Tony!). If you possibly got a bad casting why not contact Zoukei-mura on this?
  13. Hello Martin! Nice to see you here on LSP, too!
  14. I applaud you not going to stop this due to the lack of interest! Hope it will pay out for you some day! And yes: the Ju 388J canopy IS ugly...
  15. Haha!! A beauty! Did you already buy it in this RLM 65 colour? Just kidding!
  16. Just noticed that your location is still given as Kent, UK, below your avatar. Did the Vespa also move to Hungary?
  17. Hi John! Any news on the replacement canopy? Thanks!
  18. Yes, your reviews really are superb!
  19. SPEELING. Another word I always did wrong. Have to remind this... Ads, at least you always can rely on your German spell checker, eh?
  20. The new scale! Dann mal los, Heinz!
  21. PhartycrOc, Richard: my sincere thanks for your words! You guys are awesome! Bill: Dankeschön! Your compliment means a lot to me! Fancy to talk some German?
  22. Of course I gladly will offer my Me 163 pictures for anybody without the need to register on SPAModeler first. Not fishing for new members from LSP here! :-) Just drop me a line what you need, mates!
  23. Clunkmeister, Mirek: thank you very much for your nice comments!
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