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  1. Thank you everyone who commented. Your replies have been very kind.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments, everyone. I think it looks especially svelt and sporty in profile:
  3. Thank you everyone for your positive comments. They are nice to see after 5 months of building! Thierry - the cowling is aluminum metal. I made it on my lathe - first time I had attempted a part like that.
  4. I grew up in central Fla and remember going to the cape area to see a couple of the Saturn V / Apollo rockets go up. One launch was early in the morning, about 3am or 4am. We were about 11 miles from the pad and when it went up, the light from the rocket engines was so bright you could read a newspaper by it. The crackling noises you heard on TV is exactly how it sounds.
  5. Yes, 1/32 scale. Sorry if I didn't mention that. There are no 1/32 scale kits of this plane.
  6. This is my scratchbuilt Hanriot HD.2 I built for a group build on WW1aircraftmodels.com. The only commercially made parts are the engine (WNW), machine guns (Eduard), and instrument face decals (Airscale). Enjoy!
  7. Thanks for the comments. I am planning to make this part of a diorama with sailplanes and this is the tow plane.
  8. It's just as awesome on this forum as it is on the other one! kensar (p9o1r1sche)
  9. I think Jon has realized Daenerys is nuts and he'll have to step up to the throne. Too bad there's not enough episodes for that to happen.
  10. One question - are you going to cover the airframe, and if so, with what kind of covering? Okay, two - two questions. I'll be following this. I have the Model Airways Albatros.
  11. Welcome to the forum. The most trouble you will have with the Camel is finding accurate documentation of the real thing. Kensar
  12. Finished this workhorse. My first Roden kit. Nice detail, but panel lines are wide and shallow. Added details include an aluminum spinner, turned on the lathe. Thanks for looking, comments welcome.
  13. Just completed this Airfix kit. First OOB build I've done in years. Overall, a nice kit, but a couple of fiddly parts - the landing gear knuckles and fitting the wing to the fuse. Anyway, I like how it came out. Thanks for looking.
  14. Finished this resin kit by Ardpol. Good detail in the kit and I added some.
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