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  1. The Fighter Collection in the UK operated a -5 painted up as Vraciu's -3 up until very recently. There are thousands of photos to be found online including a number of good walkaround pictorials.
  2. I had the very distinct privilege of spending an evening with Russ Kyler (and his wife) and chauffeuring him around a bit about ten years ago. There are not enough superlatives in the English language to adequately describe him. Kind, unassuming, gracious, funny, and one heck of a story teller would just be getting started. A bonafide American hero in every sense of the word. Your model looks fantastic and does justice to his memory.
  3. Hi Peter, I can probably get you in touch with Charlie Neeley if you are still interested in his drawings. I have those that he offers for the P-51D but nothing for the B/C models. I will send him a link to your thread here as I am sure he would find it quite fascinating. Plus, as he knows the Mustang about as well as anybody walking the planet, he just might be a valuable resource for you. Cheers, Chad Veich
  4. Hi Gazzas, I had the great pleasure of seeing this bird in person and took some pretty decent walkaround pictures of the airplane. I would be happy to provide you with copies if you would like them. Just shoot me an email at cwveich@cwvmodels.com and I will reply with the pictures attached. Fantastic subject by the way and I will look forward to your build.
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