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  1. I have heard from a reliable source that Sherm radioed shortly after take off that he was losing oil pressure. Apparently he got the Yak turned around and headed back to the airport but they figure the engine seized up shortly thereafter. Once that big Skyraider prop quits turning the drag is tremendous and the airplane probably stalled almost immediately. At pattern altitude there would have been precious little anybody could have done to stop the inevitable. Just speculation at this time and we will have to wait for the official report but my guess is that these assumptions will be pretty accurate.
  2. Another of my favorite subjects Peter, I will be watching your magic on this one for sure. I was fortunate to see the subject aircraft before it left for the UK and shot some detail photos as I too would like to model the aircraft eventually. If you would like copies of the pics just let me know where to send them, happy to share.
  3. RC scale builder here, primarily of second world war types but not strictly so. I am most proud of my 1/8th scale -5K Hellcat which I scratch built from my own plans. Flies fantastic and I've had some contest success with it as well. I am still working on my weathering skills and envy much of the work I've seen on this site in that regard.
  4. Beautiful job on the big Trumpy Lightning sir! I may have a go at this kit myself at some point. One small nitpick, unless something is broken you would never have both ailerons in the drooped position.
  5. I can assure you that airplane is not being prepared for a flight!
  6. The Fighter Collection in the UK operated a -5 painted up as Vraciu's -3 up until very recently. There are thousands of photos to be found online including a number of good walkaround pictorials.
  7. I had the very distinct privilege of spending an evening with Russ Kyler (and his wife) and chauffeuring him around a bit about ten years ago. There are not enough superlatives in the English language to adequately describe him. Kind, unassuming, gracious, funny, and one heck of a story teller would just be getting started. A bonafide American hero in every sense of the word. Your model looks fantastic and does justice to his memory.
  8. Hi Peter, I can probably get you in touch with Charlie Neeley if you are still interested in his drawings. I have those that he offers for the P-51D but nothing for the B/C models. I will send him a link to your thread here as I am sure he would find it quite fascinating. Plus, as he knows the Mustang about as well as anybody walking the planet, he just might be a valuable resource for you. Cheers, Chad Veich
  9. Hi Gazzas, I had the great pleasure of seeing this bird in person and took some pretty decent walkaround pictures of the airplane. I would be happy to provide you with copies if you would like them. Just shoot me an email at cwveich@cwvmodels.com and I will reply with the pictures attached. Fantastic subject by the way and I will look forward to your build.
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