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  1. Here is another view: Jari
  2. Here are a couple of photos showing the nose gear area: Jari
  3. A pair of Intruders both belonging to VMA(AW)-332: a few differences can be seen. Jari
  4. A tail on view of F-4, note the open chaff dispenser doors: here is one with a large travel pod, note the darker shade of grey on the radome: Jari
  5. Here is another A-6A with a load of Mk-84s with fuze extenders: Jari
  6. A head on view, note the partial open refueling probe door: Jari
  7. Not a full load of Snakeyes but close, note the partial open speedbrakes: Jari
  8. Maybe you need some droids to help move things quicker along: Jari
  9. You want stencils, here you go: Jari
  10. If LGBs don't interest you how about a enlarged Walleye: Jari
  11. A close formation of Phantoms: Jari
  12. In the new Detail & Scale book there is a preview image showing the c/l pylon that should be helpful: https://www.detailandscale.com/detail-scale-publications-3/f-105_thunderchief_in_detail__scale-2 Jari
  13. But if you want more: Jari
  14. F-4s with Mk-20 Rockeyes, note how they are loaded, 3 up front and one aft: Jari
  15. Here is one with 2 BLU-27 on the c/l MER and 1 on each outboard pylon: Jari
  16. A Corsair with a mixed load including a 2000lb LGB and a 500lb LGB: Jari
  17. Here is a bomb load for you: Jari
  18. Hi Bill, here are some Records of one of Marine A-6A Squadrons in Vietnam: https://www.recordsofwar.com/vietnam/usmc/VMF (AW) - 225.htm they give monthly reports of what went on including missions with ordnance loads. They had codes for the weapons, some examples: D-1 - Mk-81 D-2 - Mk-82 D-3 - Mk-83 D-4 - Mk-84 D-8 - Mk-20 Rockeye Jari
  19. The parts and instructions: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10955998 Jari
  20. A drone on a visit to a A-50: Jari
  21. The ALQ-100s are in the kit but as mentioned they are a bit skinny: Jari
  22. Some interesting stories of the OV-10 in Vietnam: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/air-space-magazine/legends-of-vietnam-broncos-tale-5802093/ Jari
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