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  1. Hi Iain, Fantastic subject, Could you post some pictures of the parts please? Malc.
  2. Hi Eric, Fantastic thread. Some additions:- Aerotech - Piaggio PC7 and Mew Gull (Resin) Revell 1/32 - Tiger Moth - on wheels and floats! (Injection) Essdale - MC72 and Supermarine S5 (Resin) Air Craft Models - Nieuport Delage Sesquiplane (vacform) Malc.
  3. Hi Torben, Interesting debate, looking through my stuff (got more than I remembered.....!) I found an original paper copy of the S5 3 view in a book of collected drawings called 'Aircraft Archive - famous racing and aerobatic planes', so took a slightly sharper picture of the sections you show above to try and help the debate About the holes in my previous photo (!), it appears that the outer holes are surrounded by fixings indicating they are inspection hatches, the inner one has a 'duct' appearing out of it, which indicates it is permanently open - what puzzles me is the direction if t
  4. Hi Torben, great work! I was always puzzled by the three 'black holes' below the LE of the wing centre section, then I ran across this picture - I have never seen it before, and thought you may find it useful. Malc
  5. Hi Torben, Super work as always. About the seat, is it possible the seat is supported on a frame that projects forward of the bulkhead (like a spitfire)? To allow the seat to be raised for take off? Lots of images on Google showing the Spitfire seat frame! Malc.
  6. Hi Torben, Great build, I have been following with interest. There is a dimensioned 4 view of the engine in the flight magazine archive that might be usefull here:- https://www.flightglobal.com/pdfarchive/view/1928/1928%20-%200309.html Malc.
  7. Oh boy, am I looking forward to that one. Where do I sign up....?! Been following the full size replica build since it started. Malc.
  8. Nice! Just got one of these and am part way through the build. I am very impressed with the fit and quality of the resin parts. But - One question:- The etch wing radiators (being flat) will not conform to the double curve of the wing surface. Any advice or suggestions? Malc.
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