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  1. Inspired by Shark64 ! Thank you so much ! Hello from Viet Nam ! Finally... after 2 years on and off I've managed to finish this. The kit is Academy MH-60S, this is a rebox of UH-60 by Academy hreleased years ago. There are new sprues and decal for the MH-60s. The new sprure carry nice details but the old sprures suffered from old mold. Due to the large dimension of the rotor, I decided to fold the blade and the tails ( I always have a thing for fold wings anyway). All folding details are scratchbuild from plastic and styren rod with many good preferences found on the internet. The most challenge is the 2 brace hold 4 rotor blades. Styrene rod aren’t strong enough to hold the weight of the blades. I ended up soldering paper clips to create the braces. I enhanced the model with Big Ed set from Eduard and Live resin mini gun. Both set are highly recommended for this model. On a separate note, the fit of the kit is not Tamiya or Hasegawa quality, hence lots of sanding, re-scribing lost details, riveting... Mr. Hobby paint was used, all photo taken under sunlight with black and white background. Hope you enjoy my article .
  2. Good morning from Viet Nam ! This is my lattest build, the Saab Viggen AJ-37 from Special Hobby. This is actuallu a rebox of Tarangus Viggen with the added of color PE for the cockit. The fit is good overall, consider the nature of limit run kit. There are some inaccuracies lies within the kit, especiall the tiny main wheels which is too thin. I used several plastic sheets to add the thickness then sand to shaped. Paint use mostly with Gunze Color, weathering done with Mig and chipping here and there with color pencil The splinter camo is the hardest paint job I have done up to date. Maestor made a paint mask sheet for this camo, however the fit isn't that good and need a lot touch up to follow. Weapons are Maverick Missles from Eduard, RBF tags, others are from spare box. Pitot tubes from Master Model ( I think ) The Saab Viggen will surely stand out from all the F 16,18 etc thanks to it camo and muscle shape. The build was fun but the splinter camo is something I won't try again Thanks for reading !
  3. Thank you all for your kind words. If you're plan on getting one of this, go get this. YES, the price tag may high but I can assure you it worths every dollars you spent on it. The fit may put you off but believe me, this is my first resin kit and I made lots of mistake a long way which can be avoid. You guys can do thousand time better than I did !
  4. Yes, please ! Thank you very much Kev.
  5. Hi all, Back to the hobby after a long break, I decied to finished what I have started a long time ago: the L-39ZA 1/32 from HPH models. Includes here are some work in progress pics that I took along the battle. Yes, I called it the Battle as this is my first resin kit and oh boy.... A/The Kit: For the price tag, you will get lots of resin, PE both in color and brass, fabric seat belt, masking for canopy, clear resin canopy and formation lights, vacumm form for wing tips lights cover and round up with 2 decals sheets. The fit: quite nice in some place and horrible in many places. Watch out for these cons: 1. The intake or you can call it the nightmare. It took me ages for sanding and swearing to make the damn things fit properly. 2. Wings to fuselage, a better nightmare compare to the intake but still...It's better if you attach the wings to fuselage before attach the intakes as you will have more spaces for sanding the joints. 3. The boarding ladder is a very nice touch and well detailed. However, you have to sand the cockpit tube then test fit then sand again to accommodate the PE boxes for the ladder. 4. The canopy is made from resin and must remove from the casting block with care as they are really fraglie. 5. The inner frame for the canopy is another drama, somehow the fit really out of places. 6. There are no location pins but there is location holes so all I have to do is made location pins from brass tube 7. There are some details HPH required the modeller to scratch-build. 8. Rivets everywhere but very sallow and couldn't hold a light wash so I have to punched every single rivets with a sharp needle (I won't ever ever do this again) Pros: 1. Stunning cockpits, outsanding details especially the seats. The fabric seat belt took me 2 hours for each seats. 2. Decal are really thin but fragile 3. Resin, PE, farbric seats belt, nice decal, stunning details on most of the resin parts..etc. you really don't need any after market parts for this 4. And most important, this is the only L-39 1/32 in the market for the time being. The Build: Paint: gunze all the way, weathering used Mig product and color pencil for all the chippings Scratch build items: the avonic bays as I always love the look of it. FOD cover, ground equipment from Lego blocks, the base is from Noy minatures with extra homemade grass and extensive weathering. The background is picture found from the internet, printed out by laser printer then repaint some sections for a better look. All figures are from unknown source, I'm understand those figures may incorrect to use in this scence. These figures is to add some human touch and acts as a size comparison to the L-39 which is really small. Out of those scratchbuild items, the avonics bay took a lot of time and effort, however I'm pround that I did that as this will help my L-39 stands out from other 1/32 L-39 out there ( for the time being ) After 5 months on and off, here I am with the completed model and some final though: Am I happy with the result ? Yes, I did my best. The kit worth the hard earned money? Yes ! The fit of the kit is good ? Hell no ! The details is good ? Outstanding ! Will I build this kit again ? Maybe in the next 3 years. Hope you like this as I do.
  6. Almost there ! The L-39 is almost done. I turned my attention to other stuff. The fuel/oil drums are srachtbuild from foil, the figure are incorrect for the scence but I couldn't find any thing better than this so... The figure received basic coat, details will be picked out later.
  7. Hi, it's combination of PE buckles and fabric seatbelt
  8. @Joel, Kevin, Clumsydue and Youngtiger1: thank you very much for your advise ! @Youngtiger1: the base is from Noy's minature with some elements and extra weathering added by me. The backgrounds are pics found online then printed out using a laser printer. I decied to use No 1. I repainted the lower part of the background to match with the base then added some weathering as well, the grass area at the left end of the background will be added later follow by some paint for closer match with the base.
  9. Small update. I'm add some grass on the base and add more weathering. I'm still don't know which background is the best to use. All Russian planes shown in the background will be dealt with by Photoshop. Please advise which background I should use. Number 1: Number 2: Number 3:
  10. Based on one pic I found on the web, even I don't know what is the name or the function of this equipment but it should add some color to spice things up. I used Lego blocks to create the overall shape as I don't want to spend much time with this. Light curring putty used to fill all the gaps. The red/white check board are uneven at some places but I wouldn't care too much . Wheels will be added later on, that's all for today.
  11. Hi Joel, Thanks for the comments, I sealed the decal with 2 coat of semi gloss vanish, then airbush a faded color (white, blue and red) on the roundle decal and used some oil color to blend everything. together. I also added some chippings using a fine tip color pencil
  12. Hi all, Some update: decal is "too" good, too thin so be careful, I left most of the stencil due to so many of them . A pin wash using Mig panel line dark grey, natural brown, black knight follow by some rain mark from Mig. I used color pencil for all the chips and scratch on the fuselage. More works ahead, ground equipment, gun sight, towing bar...etc. All pics were taken with my phine camera so the quality isn't good enough. D0-B2D1E6A5B17D_zpsnngusq2y.jpg[/img]
  13. Same here ! I had a hard time wiith the kit intake. It took me 2 days just to get the darn things flush with the fuselage. Following your links, I'm afraid Brenhen attached the intake upside down, please excuse if I''m wrong.
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