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  1. Thanks for all your help! Have now ordered the SHG sheet! Planning to build USAFE F-4E 480TFS 1980 ish
  2. Thats looks great! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Can anyone recommend a source of 1/32 white F-4 phantom data stencilling? I know Icarus did a sheet 32002 but its hard to find now!
  4. Cheers Iain Yeah I have seen that stuff.......as far as I know the accident report was never published. I will have a go with the photobucket! Im not that good with computers! Lol Richard
  5. Hi Everyone! I have been so inspired by the skills and workmanship on LSP that I'm finally dusting off the Tamiya F-4C/D that I've had for about 16 years! The jet I want to build is a late round nosed RF-4C 72-146 from the 10th TRW based at Alconbury in the UK, this aircraft was tragically lost 30 years ago at the 1986 RAF Brawdy airshow. I am building it as a tribute to the crew that were lost that day, my memories of it are a bit vague now, I didn't have a camera back then, never really found out what went wrong.....the most plausible explanation I read about was a loss of control at low
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