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  1. Hi Wondered if you can recommend a sheet of assorted rivets in 32nd something suitable for F-4's ? and that you would be able to post to England easily.....as international shipping seems to have gone crazy at the moment ! Many thanks Richard Meads
  2. Thanks for all your help! Have now ordered the SHG sheet! Planning to build USAFE F-4E 480TFS 1980 ish
  3. Thats looks great! Thanks for the heads up!
  4. Can anyone recommend a source of 1/32 white F-4 phantom data stencilling? I know Icarus did a sheet 32002 but its hard to find now!
  5. Cheers Iain Yeah I have seen that stuff.......as far as I know the accident report was never published. I will have a go with the photobucket! Im not that good with computers! Lol Richard
  6. Hi Everyone! I have been so inspired by the skills and workmanship on LSP that I'm finally dusting off the Tamiya F-4C/D that I've had for about 16 years! The jet I want to build is a late round nosed RF-4C 72-146 from the 10th TRW based at Alconbury in the UK, this aircraft was tragically lost 30 years ago at the 1986 RAF Brawdy airshow. I am building it as a tribute to the crew that were lost that day, my memories of it are a bit vague now, I didn't have a camera back then, never really found out what went wrong.....the most plausible explanation I read about was a loss of control at low speed due to a shift of C 0f G concerning the fuel level in the wing tanks? Maybe someone on here can shed some light on this? Anyway the plan is Tamiya F-4C/D kit GT Resin intakes and Exhausts GT Resin RF-4C ARN-101 Cockpit Various Eduard etched items Waiting for the GT Resin rounded nose conversion to be released Xtradecals Wrap around SEA camouflage with the white and black tail codes and the swept down black anti glare panel Still researching at the moment aiming to start the build in the autumn. Would appreciate any advice, pointers and criticisms........... My inspiration for this build was Chuck Sawyers amazing F-4E. I cant seem to post pictures, can anyone help? Thanks Richard
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