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  1. I'm disappointed in Hasegawa.... because they haven't done an updated 1/32 Hellcat, or a P-47D Razorback to go with their nice bubbletop, or a nice new Hurricane or P-38 series... (all things they have done in 1/48 already)
  2. I did model in the 80s and 90s. Just not 1/32 aircraft. I was fiddling with space shuttles and saturn V rockets and cars and scifi stuff back then. Back then there was an entire aisle at my local Toys 'R' Us dedicated to model kits and supplies. I could get models and paints at my local drug store too. And I had 2 giant hobby shops plus some smaller ones in my neighborhood. All gone now. All of it. There's a few cheap kits at Michael's but nothing I'd considering worth buying anymore.
  3. I guess we should remember that there are some younger modelers out there. And the hobby needs younger modelers to survive. Maybe a variety of marketing methods to cover different demographics wouldn't hurt. I'm under 40 so I consider myself a 'younger modeler'. I guess. I live in one of the top 10 largest cities in the USA (by population) and I have seen ALL of my local hobby shops close up shop. I now have to drive an hour away just to get supplies. And I was reading recently that my favorite paints, or at least a big chunk of them (the testors model master enamel military paints) ar
  4. I'm confused. It's a model of a 1940s WWII airplane. A great number of (American) WWII airplanes had scantily clad female noseart. Pinup art in general was popular in the 1940s. From artists like Gil Elvgren and similar. Why are we singling out Eduard as being infantile?
  5. Just when I thought Kittyhawk had given up on prop kits from this time period. Will buy.
  6. That's completely fine. I'm in no rush. Whenever the P-51 is out, I'll buy it. I still need to grab the Do335s, Meteor, B-25J Strafer, B-25H, and B-17E/F anyway. Speaking of B-25H, is it still in production? Or do I need to scramble and find one somewhere? I haven't seen it in stock at Spruebros or Pacific Coast in a while.
  7. Is the Phantom scheduled before the early P-51 that was talked about before? Because I'm more interested in the P-51.
  8. He was comparing modern resin (HpH) and modern injection molded plastic kits. He wasn't comparing modern plastic vs old plastic. I can't really recall THAT many 'esoteric' subjects released in plastic in the old days, other than a handful. Especially in larger scales. But it only makes sense that as modeling becomes a less and less mainstream hobby, and kits become more and more complex, and demands for accuracy get more and more intense, it will naturally make less and less sense for companies to release kits of subjects with limited appeal, which may also be hard to research if they
  9. I can't even imagine being happy with a kit upscaled to 1/32 from 1/72. The extra details available in good 1/32 kits is pretty much the main reason I like 1/32. As the early Mustangs in 1/32 (Hobbycraft?) upscaled from the 1/48 Accurate Miniatures Mustangs show, direct upscaling doesn't produce very satisfying results.
  10. I hadn't even heard of it until today, but now I'm interested in a kit of the Welkin. Doesn't need to be 1/32 though. 1/48 would be fine.
  11. I'm looking at their website, and seeing many interesting looking aircraft, but they mostly don't seem to have scales marked. I'm sure they can't be 1/32 or I would have heard about them. Are the remainder 1/72 as I suspect they are? Or do they have any output in 1/48?
  12. I'll take difficult to build over nothing at all. Eduard has mostly abandoned 1/32 after people drew red lines all over their Bf109Es. Limited Edition repops of Hasegawa kits don't count as re-entering the 1/32 market. The only other company I can realistically imagine doing the Hellcat is Hasegawa, if they follow up their Zero retool with retools of other older products (Hellcat and Hayabusa especially). Not exciting enough for the Tamiya lineup and not daring enough for the HK lineup I think. Maybe ZM???
  13. KH seems to have stopped doing WWII props. Which is too bad since I'd really love them to do a new 1/32 Hellcat.
  14. I think we are in agreement that buying japanese kits from a USA importer is generally a bad idea. And buying direct from a japanese retailer (whether it's through a dedicated site like hlj.com, or through a merchant selling on amazon.com) is generally a better idea. When the new Hasegawa Zero becomes available through a japanese seller on Amazon, it will probably be a good deal. I know we talked about this before - when I got my Hasegawa Zero, I went through hlj.com and paid about $35 or so for the kit, and then maybe another $10 later for shipping. I just don't get japanese kits
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