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  1. Great new Eric! Out of interest what printer brand etc? I've never really looked into it but from your quick learning curve I'd imagine a thousand uses for something like that.. Great stuff...
  2. Wow I guess the revolution has begun. Superb work Eric..guess a Murage IIIO is next? Can't wait!
  3. That's great news thanks! Hopefully HPM do the Mirage justice and if they do they will sell zillions. The IIIE has been flown by more countries than you can point a stick at...awesome!
  4. Ordered two now just hoping they do them in 48th as well...looks like a great sheet of a highly neglected subject. Now if only Trumpeter would get a Mirge IIIE out...
  5. The Aires one I have fitted superbly..I mean spot on...
  6. Floyd Werner did a brilliant DVD on metal finishes which really showed the black undercoat and why it's works so well. Great video and worth the price easily..
  7. I have bought several things over the years and apart from the great quality of product service is always speedy and very prompt! Just picked up the Rufe conversion a few weeks ago..like 8 days from one side of the world to the other. Excellent service..
  8. Hi Dave Would live at some point to get a list of the kits known deficiencies from your excellent knowledge on the M... Btw your excellent rundown on the Harriers is appreciated. Can't wait for the intakes Harold have aggressor plans! Good work the Argie scooter sets are brilliant.
  9. Sorry but I don't see Thierry asking anywhere for "praise" for the kit only that constructive comment rather than calling a kit a "POS", which does little for anyone..from your comments I can safely assume a Hasegawa A-4E is a closer overall kit to an A-4M than a Trumpeter A-4M then. Or would it be safe to assume your vitriol toward the kit is more based on being peeved at Trumpeter for choosing to ignore your assistance which I'm sure most here would of been happy to see instead of the end result we have. I think at the end of the day most would rather hear what needs to be fixed rather than toxic comments which do nothing to educate people to the kits deficiencies nor help in making it easier to get a better A-4M in kit form..
  10. Beautiful looking Tomcat..lovely weathering and a great result!
  11. Sounds brilliant Paul looking forward to it! Thanks again for the TLC in the packing and the great products..
  12. And just wanted to say wow what a beautiful product. Clearly one of the best quality kits I have ever seen. So good I immediately went and ordered a Cutlass.. Thanks for the gorgeous kits it is appreciated! Thanks Dazz
  13. Looking at those photos it's not just the Trumpeter kit with a problem. That Hasegawa windscreen is far to narrow t the front. Looking at the Trumpeter one it looks the right width but poor frame design. Looking at both I'd say thevTrumpeter one would be easier o fix as it looks about the right width where the Has one is to narrow and be pretty hard to fix. At least with framework sanding and remasking is a possibility. Cool photos thanks
  14. Looks great ordered a pair thanks for posting!
  15. I'll grab one as a donation of sorts.. Not many manufacturers are bringing out so many lovely 32nd kits so I'm right behind ZM. I've got 3 Tamiya Mustangs but have Tamiya done a Spad or Ta152? At 80 bucks and free shipping you can't really complain and if you want to get your favorite plane in 32 it may be a long wait till Tamiya get around to it..
  16. No we are talking count me in for one!
  17. What Mike said its released under the D Hobby label same guys who have popped out the Revell F-4E as a late bird..think it's also on EBay. No idea who D Hobby are...
  18. So let me see defraud someone and you go to jail for 3 years..even though they will get some if not all of their money back Or kill someone while driving unlicensed stoned off your face and walk away.. Or even better play with other peoples money..lose billions..send hundreds to the wall as they lose jobs as the world economy dives people suicide losing everything and nothing happens. Yep that sounds fair...lol.
  19. Thanks Harold No im doing Argie birds. Really impressed with the quality of the resin. Super stuff!!!
  20. Got my pair of conversions..great result guys!
  21. The Marine Phantom also has extra pylons the big tank and is the better kit from that point. Grab the Marine version better value..
  22. God luck with the project mate...metal inserts sound interesting but expensive. Maybe the KISS principle may apply... Your work looks great so far be keeping a clse eye on your progress and prepare my credit card for shock treatment!!
  23. Entire resin wing sections will be almost impossible to build enough integrity into to avoid warpage and slow bending over time. With he amount of resin in the fuselage resin wings will struggle. If you have a source of new non flexing resin which can handle the load that would be great like what the Panther and Ougare are made from. Big job good luck but I'd be sticking with inserts..lighter..cheaper.. All the best..
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