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  1. Old news, but when I was looking on scalemates to see the full list of KH kits I saw that they announced and cancelled an F11F Tiger in 1/32. I would have loved to get that one for a Blue Angels plane. Working on getting one of every plane they've flown. Just need the Tiger, the F9F Cougar, and the F6F Hellcat.
  2. I'm sorry to hear it. I haven't built one yet, but I have 5 in the stash, and I just ordered another Black Hawk and a Bronco. I already have one Black Hawk, two Little Birds, a P-39Q and an F-5E. I've seen some great builds from Kitty Hawk kits on here and elsewhere. Hopefully the molds will live on and the kits will still be available in the future.
  3. I'd like to do a big Blackhawk Down diorama, with the KittyHawk MH-60 Blackhawk and AH-6 / MH-6 Little Birds. Luckily they're all 1/35, so I can add a Hummer and any other military vehicles or technicals or figures I want. Just have to pick a scene to recreate. For 1/32 aircraft dioramas, I wonder if 3D printing will be the answer. Once there's a CAD file, I imagine you can scale it to whatever you want and then print it. Haven't picked one up yet, but I think I'll have to for some of the 1/32 race planes and dioramas I'd like to build.
  4. Fantastic detail photos! I have one of these KH kits, and the Blackhawk too. Ordered another Little Bird that has the figures, and a set of figures for the Blackhawk. I'd like to do a big Blackhawk Down diorama with all 3 at some point, so I'll definitely be following this thread with interest. Great job on your figures!
  5. I would think converting an existing kit would be the way to go. There are a number of conversions out there to make a bubble top Spitfire out of a normal one, and it involves a resin spine and a vacuform canopy. Same thing for the F2G Super Corsair, although there are other changes with that one. There's a 1/48 P-40Q kit you could use for reference and scale up.
  6. It looks very good. I have their Russian Knights Su-35 and Russian Swifts Mig-29 in 1/48, and they look great. I hope it's a success and they bring out more 1/32 kits.
  7. I've considered getting a 3D printer and some CAD software because several of the planes I want to build are powered by P&W R-4360's and Rolls Royce Griffons, and I don't think anyone else would ever make those. No idea how long it would take me to come up with something acceptable starting from scratch, but I don't see a lot of alternatives if I want a Super Corsair, Dreadnought Sea Fury, or Precious Metal P-51 with the cowlings off.
  8. The Warbird Tech P-39/P-63 book has a line drawing of the P-400 armament and nose equipment on page 61. The Hispano 20mm is shown with an ammunition drum, and there are some tanks, a battery, an oxygen bottle, and a tool kit jammed in between it and the .50's.
  9. Good to know, I need a set for a P-39Q Cobra II racer that I want to build. I also need a P-63 4-blade prop for it, but I have no idea where to find one. I've never seen the HPH P-63 kit pop up for sale on eBay. I just picked up "COBRA! Bell Aircraft Corporation 1934 - 1946" on Amazon. It was $59.95, but it looks amazing, and it's 416 pages hardcover. Author is Birch Matthews.
  10. Cool! I picked up a 1/32 Hasegawa Thunderbirds F-16 already, but I might try and snag one if they're back in production. There's no way I was going to pay what the Tamiya ones are going for on eBay.
  11. I agree, Super Corsairs are my favorite airplane of all time. I actually have a plaque with pieces of fabric from Race 74 (blue/white) and Race 57 (red/white), and some engineering drawings from Goodyear for the F2G. I don't have the skills to build one yet either, and I don't even have the conversion kit yet. I'm hoping that by the time I'm ready to tackle one, there will be a better option. I think I'm going to start with the F4U-4 he flew in Korea while commanding VF-653.
  12. Very cool idea. I want to do the same type of thing for Cook Cleland. He flew an SBD in WW2, an F4U-1D at the 1946 Cleveland Air Races, a couple of different F2G Super Corsairs in the '47 - '49 races, winning twice, and then an F4U-4 in Korea. I have a Tamiya F4U-1D, and Trumpeters F4U-1D and F4U-4 kits.
  13. Really enjoyed reading his blog, and after watching some reviews and builds on YouTube, I went on eBay and picked up Skyraider and a Raiden. I'll have to pick up one of his 1/48 Phantoms too. I can't help but imagine what a Zoukei-Mura F2G Super Corsair would be like, with the 28-cylinder Pratt & Whitney R-4360 in all its glory. Such amazing detail on these kits.
  14. I'll definitely be following along, as I've just ordered one myself, along with the 1/12 scale version.
  15. Has anyone ever done a Fairey Barracuda vacuform in 1/32? Odds are I'll end up posing her with a PCM Spitfire Mk XIV, but it would be really cool to recreate the whole scene with the actual type of aircraft she'd just stepped out of.
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