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  1. Very cool project. I'd like to build one of the all orange QF-4B's myself.
  2. That is good news, I may have to throw in a bid now.
  3. I've got an F9F-5 Panther, and the FB. 11 and T. Mk 20 Sea Furies, all unbuilt. Really wish I'd picked up an RB-51 Mustang. There's an F9F-8 Cougar on eBay, but it's badly warped in the fuselage and a wing. Seller claims it can be straightened out with hot water, but I have no idea if that's true. Anyone ever done it? I'm trying to get as many of the Blue Angels aircraft in 1/32 as I can find, and that would fill a gap, but $170 plus shipping is a lot if it's scrap.
  4. That's awesome, I've been dreaming of building the Bud Light Super Corsair racer for years, and that had an A-26 cowl too.
  5. I very much regret not pulling the trigger on one of the RB-51 Red Baron kits now. I do have a couple of the Sea Fury kits and just bought an F9F Panther kit I saw on eBay. I hope that Paul will be able to recover and get back to making these exquisite models once again.
  6. Found this build, using the GMF conversion on a PCM Mk IXc to make a Spitfire F.R. XVIII, which is very similar to the Mk XIVe. I'm definitely going to have to try turning the PCM XIVc into a XIVe. This looks great! http://www.modelingmadness.com/review/allies/cleaver/gb/tmc18.htm
  7. The Cammett XVIe conversion has the rear fuselage as a single block of resin, which I think means I'd have to saw off the rudder and use the PCM XIVc piece. The GMF conversion has just the spine area as a separate piece. Not sure which approach would be easier, as the GMF wasn't designed for the PCM kit. The Cammett canopy appears to be clear resin, and looks very nice, but I'm afraid that separating it from the casting block without screwing it up may be tricky. I'll have to see what Tamiya would want for their clear sprue from the XVIe. It's definitely a high quality piece. G-FIRE is
  8. I'd be interested to see any completed low back Mk XIVe's in 1/32, and details on how you did the conversion. I really want to build the one that raced in Cleveland in 1949 as Race #80. I've picked up a couple of the PCM XIVc's, a PCM IXe with the Cammett XVI conversion, a Tamiya XVIe, a Hasegawa Vc, a Revell Mk I/II, Matchbox / Revell Mk 22/24's, and the GMF XIVe conversion, and the Mk 22/24 upgrade. Hoping to be able to produce something acceptable out of that pile of plastic and resin. I thought the GMF resin pieces looked quite nice, but their vacuform canopy was a bit of a let down. It's
  9. Very nice! I have one of these that I want to build as Cook Cleland's aircraft from VF-653. What paint did you use for the Glossy Sea Blue? It looks great.
  10. No, the Mk. XVIII is very similar to the Mk. XIVe, except for a few details like the wings weren't clipped, and the things Edgar mentioned about lights, camera, and wing compartments. They both had the "E" wings. The Mk. 21 (high back), Mk. 22 (low back), and Mk. 24 (low back) share a completely different wing. PCM Mk. XIVc (high back) into Mk XIVe (low back), or Mk XVIII (low back) sounds completely do-able, and either the Cammett XVI conversion or the Grey Matter one can provide some of the raw material required, with additional modifications. There are a couple of references out there.
  11. I'm not an expert, but I don't think I've seen a low back Mk. XIV with the "C" wing, and most of them appear to have had clipped "E" wings, except for the prototype. The Mk. XVIII appears to have had unclipped wings, but again, they're "E" wings.
  12. I have plans to try just what you're describing at some point. My goal is to recreate a low-back Spitfire Mk XIVe that raced at Cleveland in 1949. As the armament was removed for racing, I'm not that concerned about the "C" wing vs. "E" wing. There was also a Mk. XVIII variant with the Griffon and the low back that was very similar. I've also got a GMA Mk XIVe conversion for the Hasegawa Mk Vb kit, so there's more than one possible approach.
  13. That's a beauty Kevin! If mine turns out half that nice I'll be thrilled to death.
  14. My references show the 3-spoke wheel also. All the Mk. 24 photo's I've seen have the 3-spoke, and so do the Seafire Mk.47. Some of the Mk. 22's may have had the 4-spoke. There's a vintage picture here, 3rd post from the bottom. http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?34129-Spitfire-Mk-24-VN485
  15. If you want one for your own collection in 1/48, Academy's "Special Edition" Spitfire XIVe includes decals for the Cleveland racer. They can be found on eBay for a pretty reasonable price, and I got one on sale at my LHS also. The kit has been widely criticized for shape issues, but nothing you can't handle I'm sure.
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