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  1. Nope, the active fleet units needed them more!
  2. The two hoses sticking up on the back are as follows: The one with the plastic white cap is for Oxygen and comms. The other is for the G-suit connection. The cushion on the navy seatkit in the photo does not have a form cushion inside it, it is just the cover showing The green anodised pullring on the navy seatkit is to activate emergency oxygen.Oxygen bottles are stored inside the seatkit. Seat belts are also different on the navy seat.They have small restraining straps from each belt to a fitting on the side of seatkit. This is so when the crew member ejects and activates the seatkit release to drop the bottom half of the seatkit, which also activates and inflates a one man liftraft, the top of the seat kit remains firmly strapped to his backside as it has oxygen under the lid of the seatkit for hiim to breath in case he goes under when he hits the water or he opens the seatkit above 14000Ft. HTH
  3. Interior was painted interior green. The bomb bay and well whells were left natural metal as were the inside of the landing gear doors. The langing gear was painted aluminium. HTH
  4. One good thing about the P-61 being from Hobby Boss. It will be cheaper than Trumpeter. Thanks for the pics. Who would have though a couple of years ago we would have a B-25 and a P-61 in 32 scale! Great times for us LS modellers.
  5. Kev, as far as I know it is the old kit reworked. The original did not have the star trackers in front of the windows. HTH
  6. Brian, yellow also works very well over a nice smooth coat of silver. Love what your doing with the beaver.
  7. Nice! I look forward to seeing the weathering stage. A nice clean build.
  8. Yes it is. The Strafer needs a gunsight on the instrument coaming and of course a trigger button on the pilots wheel. The Hk Strafer kit has separate doors for the nose which can be opened and struts to hold them open are supplied. The gun doors fit very well to the nose section. It comes with 8 x .50 gun breaches which are separate from the barrels, ammo cans, plus a floor and a horizontal shelf that the guns attach to. It has the vertical support down the inside centre of the nose and also the perorated shielding that was located inside. The antenna which you see mounted on the nose is supplied in two pieces with a vertical strut and then the horseshoe shaped antenna. It all looks really nice.
  9. Man that is a big model. Will look great when finished!
  10. Were you not giving a certain Beaver a working over?
  11. Sprue Bros, Hannants and White Ensign Models would have to be the best in the business. Usually stuff from Hannants arrives more quickly than Sprue Bros but that is the postal service only. Interesting that I can buy Aires most time cheaper from Hobbyeasy than from Sprue Bros or Hannants. Can't figure that one out considering it has been shipped to Hong Kong first. The last two Tamiya F-4's I bought from Hobbyeasy for 120.00 US each posted! That's a bargain. Hannats website is great and I like the advanced search option by scale. I do find the new Sprue Bros site somewhat slow compared to the old site.
  12. Agree if you live in the States Brian. But for those of us that do not live in the States or the UK we have to think of cost. Don't get me wrong as I buy from Sprue Bros and there service is 1st class. However I can buy from Hannants usually cheaper and it gets to me just as quick here in Aus and the postage costs are cheaper. Trumpy and Tamiya kits I buy from Hobbyeasy as the price is really cheap as is their shipping.
  13. Nice work and I really like the paint scheme and the burner cans.
  14. Actually I think the F-104 looks even better without anything hanging on the end of the wing! It just screams out that it wants to go fast.
  15. On the bench are two HK model 8Gun Strafer nose B-25's. Both are commission builds. Also to big for the bench is my 1/144 scale USS Spruance.
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