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  1. Richard: That is one lovely Mustang!!!! I just wish that I could finish my Big Mustang in Dennis Bradley's markings BA*U.
  2. Richard: Sorry to be so long in responding about the Mustang kit but computer problems and health situation have caused the delay. Apparently the guy that I had bought the kit from had started painting and test fitting bits and cutting sprue. The box has fallen apart and is in no shape to ship. It is really an ugly mess! Regards Barney
  3. Hi Richard. I have a 1/24 scale Mustang in the stash and it is yours if you want to do another. Very nice work by the way! Regards Barney
  4. Hin Bill: I have over 50 photos of the one here in Vancouver..formerly Race 80...if you need any detail shots. Barney
  5. Once again the Master Plastic Manipulator has produced a winner! The winters at Rivers, Manitoba...-40*F with a 40 knot wind..would freeze the balls off a brass monkey. The last statement has a true story behind it Barney
  6. Bill: Send me your email address and I will forward a pic of 714 taken in 1954 Barney barneydhc82@hotmail.com
  7. Bill: in a word....BEAUTIFUL! Barney
  8. Another wine Billr! I flew Army 713 a few years ago and another out of Saskatoon storage for the Air Cadet glider program Barney
  9. Welcome back Richard! You"ve done a beautiful job on the Mustang. My modelling days are over as I seemed to have P...d-off Mother Nature and now all I can do is watch the progress of others. I.ve got another of the original Airfix kits if you need. Barney
  10. Looks good Bill! A friend, Col. John McGreggor flew the L-9 n the CDN Army and after he retired, bought "713" and had it restored to original configuration. Regards Barney
  11. Beautiful piece of work. Harry would love it Barney
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