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  1. Old Dog Flying

    RCAF SPITFIRES.. Mk XIVe..duel build.

    Hin Bill: I have over 50 photos of the one here in Vancouver..formerly Race 80...if you need any detail shots. Barney
  2. Old Dog Flying

    L-19 Bird Dog ..Manitoba circa winter 62-63

    Once again the Master Plastic Manipulator has produced a winner! The winters at Rivers, Manitoba...-40*F with a 40 knot wind..would freeze the balls off a brass monkey. The last statement has a true story behind it Barney
  3. Old Dog Flying

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Bill: Send me your email address and I will forward a pic of 714 taken in 1954 Barney barneydhc82@hotmail.com
  4. Old Dog Flying

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Bill: in a word....BEAUTIFUL! Barney
  5. Old Dog Flying

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Another wine Billr! I flew Army 713 a few years ago and another out of Saskatoon storage for the Air Cadet glider program Barney
  6. Welcome back Richard! You"ve done a beautiful job on the Mustang. My modelling days are over as I seemed to have P...d-off Mother Nature and now all I can do is watch the progress of others. I.ve got another of the original Airfix kits if you need. Barney
  7. Old Dog Flying

    Roden L-19 Bird Dog

    Looks good Bill! A friend, Col. John McGreggor flew the L-9 n the CDN Army and after he retired, bought "713" and had it restored to original configuration. Regards Barney
  8. Old Dog Flying

    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC

    Absolutely Beautiful Brian Barney
  9. Old Dog Flying

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Wolf Buddee ,Tim at al

    A belated Happy Birthday Wolf! And all of the others on LSP Barney
  10. Old Dog Flying

    Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB "Pulverizer IV" Finished!

    Beautiful piece of work. Harry would love it Barney
  11. Old Dog Flying

    Photobucket - We're Back

    TEST: Well that doesn't work
  12. Old Dog Flying

    Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB "Pulverizer IV" Finished!

    Harry Hardy, the pilot of Pulverizer IV would love to see this one. A few years ago I built the 1;48 version and Harry signed the underside of the wing. Barney
  13. Old Dog Flying

    New HpH DC-3 Pics up!!

    Just think what you could do with a 1:32 scale C-47/DC-3: cabin lights, cockpit lights nav lights landing lights, anti collision lights...geared electric motors buried in the P&W crankcases....All in fibreop[tics and mini LEDs. Did it all in my 1;48 Monogram DC-3 as RCAF 1000, VIP Transport from 412 Sqn. Would love to build this LSP Racer but eyes and hands have failed to co-operate Barnys
  14. Old Dog Flying

    Why no custom aircraft?

    Like Richard and a few others, I build aircraft that bare historically accurate with the Royal Canadian Air Force as a theme . I also build model of aircraft that I have either owned or flown and you can view them on my website http://www'barneysairforce .com I can no longer build due to loss of vision but I can still see enough on my 40" monitor to appreciate the work on this forum Barney
  15. Old Dog Flying

    Icaerodesign Extra 330-SC

    Beautiful work Brian. This is quite similar but more detailed than my AirShow Models Extra 300 and 300L ..particularly that Lycoming 540. Being a wrench twister from away back,..the tube structure and the pitch and mixture controls are really oversized...But all of it looks great! I'm not building models any more due to loss of vision but I still enjoy trying to see work like yours. Barney