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  1. You sure? Rivetting aluminium skins to frames causes stresses that result in a similar effect. During use this may be increased but it is there from the beginning. Regarding the oilcanning, I like the WNW fuselage very much. The wings not so. During flight the wings tilt up a bit causing wrinkles. As the aircraft is on the ground gravity takes over and the wrinkles disappear mostly. Have a look at NX611 for instance. I am not so fond of WNW's wingsurface, but that's a matter of opinion. Anyway WNW will provide a great just as HK Models has. A matter of opinion. Judging by the many topics and pages of them people tend to spend more time discussing than building kits Cees
  2. ED, Thanks for you to take the time to write your observations on the Lanc. As a member of the LSM team who participated with HK Models it is good to read that in general the model is well liked and no model is perfect. And as Jim said we supplied data on the exterior of the Lanc. The initial idea HKM was to upscale the Tamiya Lanc. Although still an impressive model it has many flaws. We wanted to make sure the exterior would be as good as possible. The interior details we had nothing to do with. The only thing I didn't like in your review is the constant comparisons to WNW, ZM, Tamiya, HB Liberator etc. IMHO that is useless. But that's my opinion. Cheers Cees
  3. Well I didn't want to wait and started on my own little RAF Phantom conversion using Frank Mitchell's articles for reference. It's on LSM. Cheers Cees
  4. Try the PSL book on the Tamiya Lancaster by Gerald Swanborough (oldie), it has several conversion options including the Lancastrian. Apart from that looking at pics you may get an idea of the shape of the nose and guestimate. Cees
  5. Has any built Liberator kit gone through it's hoofs already then?
  6. Richard, part two has been posted two weeks ago. We are working on part three at the moment. Cees
  7. I am amazed that this thread is still active.
  8. Just to make sure, the engines used on the Lancaster were the RR twenty series and the Packard Merlin 28. Both had single stage superchargers. The engines used on the Spit, P-51 had two stage superchargers and were longer. Cees
  9. The Packard Merlin was in fact a whole new engine. Drawings had to be re-drawn according to American standards, new nuts and bolts, hardware etc. Also the accessories were American made. The engines did come with a very complete toolset which was highly prized among groundcrew I read somewhere. A Packard Merlin was not compatible with a Rolls Royce one and that's why they decided to call the Packard engine Lancasters the Mk III. But there were instances that aircraft flew with a mix of both types of engine. There was a war on Cees
  10. That's true and it's wrong unfortunately. Cees
  11. I would say the late type looking at some pics on the web and the new book on the Dambuster Lancs. Cees
  12. IMHO the Mk XIV (either high or lowback) is the best looking Spit. The very first one I saw during an airshow was the all red G-FIRE, what a magnificent sight. I have a the PCM Spitfire XIV underway. Cees
  13. If you want to visit the Anne Frank House please note that you can only get tickets online. The museum is next to my office from where I type this. Cees
  14. Sorry Phasey, but to avoid polluting this already confusing (but interesting) thread it would be better if you post accurate information in one go. IF they had used the Monogram kit as a reference the wing issue would not have happened. I got my kit yesterday, what a huge amount of plastic. Cees
  15. Very nice, not that much colour footage of the Halibag about.
  16. Sounds like a very rational conclusion.
  17. That's funny, when WNW announced theirs the HKM Lancaster was immediately downgraded to the second league. Cees
  18. A good opportunity for the aftermarket. How nice of HobbyBoss to make it so easy for them. Cees
  19. Tjeeszzz, sometimes people are so quick to find a mistake in a kit for their own glory, that they forget to check themselves Oh well.
  20. I must admit that because of that observation bubble the HK Models Lancaster is hereby classed as unbuildable Luckily my Manchester doesn't have one. Cees
  21. Just seen the Viking in the flesh at the show. Wonderful. Well done. Cees
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