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Better late than never...

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Bottom RLM76 now painted, didn't turn out too bad over the mottling. Flipped her over and masked for the RLM 74 gray green. Going to let it dry for a few hours, then mask for the other color, the RLM 75 Gray Violet. 












Went a little too heavy on the mottling, but the effect seems to work out fine. Having a problem using  the double action airbrush, either no paint or full balls. I have another airbrush, I'll give that one a try. The one I'm using is a cheap Amazon one. 


So, time to do some writing. BTW if you people are into good stories based on your favourite TV show, movie or book,  check out Fanfiction.net. Lots of fan written stuff,  some excellent ones and a lot of fairly good ones. I'm into an Anime called Highschool of the Dead, posting a story called Sabredancing with the Dead. Check it out if you like. 

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