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Adding thin yellow lines on canopy?


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I've done a search on how to solve this issue and so far no luck.


Does anyone have some suggestions on the best way to add very thin yellow lines to an aircraft canopy? I'm referring to the yellow band that you often see separating the clear part of the canopy from the frame. 


I'm guessing masking, but I have no clue on how to mask such a thin line. Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance.

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Interesting question as I'm facing the same.

By now, I would cut thin lines of Tamiya masking tape which is of an yellow/orange colour and put them on the inside of the canopy. Looking from the outside you should see the yellow/orange sealing 'putty' (that's what it is) and it should be very close to the real thing. 

Haven't tried it so far, but I think it could work. 


Now, I'm curious how other modelers will do this. 



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I've used really thin masking tape, IIRC the brand name was Aizu. Applied as needed on the inside, then carefully applied flat black to seal it and ensure it wouldn't peel off later. Looks far more realistic than sealer applied to the outside.



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The beige trim you see is a fiberglass strip protecting the acrylic canopy ends. It shows up on some more than others.

I mask up canopy as usual for clear areas, then first paint the beige, then mask again - enough to just cover beige trim,

paint model, then remove masks. HTH


Nice F-4 :goodjob:

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