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Question on F-16 Block 25 or Block 30 Aggressor from Tamiya Block 50 kit

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Something happened. Let us blame working night shifts for the first time in 2 and a bit years. I was ordering the Tamiya kit for the Aggressor project and decided I want a Polish Air Force Single seater with those CFTs so 2 kits were purchased. Ooops. Hopefully Techmod Decals have improved since I used them last as they seem to be the only game in town for a regular line jet and not a special scheme.


In Aggressor news though, I am going for the Black and White splinter scheme so that I can use the kit intake and exhaust as its a Block 30, and according to serial numbers its the second jet (86-0263) in the Block 30 Line to have the MCID intake, the serial number before it being the start of the MCID in the Block 30 jets(86-0262 being the first and I believe is a miG killer). The TwoBobs sheet offers 86-0263 (the second MCID Block 30 I referred to) and 86-0314. I don’t know which of the two I will build but I am at least decided on a scheme! So Pete, if you read this can you back up my theory that I can use the kit stuff to make a Block 30 and just need to use the Lightweight gear and doors? 


NSI intake and relevant exhaust that I had ordered already will now be shifted to my Polish Viper project.

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4 hours ago, ade rowlands said:



Yep- you are on the right track.

the lightweight gear had different wheels BTW.

also, the inboard LEF attach point needs 1 less finger.

Wing stiffeners over the fuel tank area and stiffener around the teardrop RHAW blisters on the nose.

look at the link to my block30 I posted earlier and do that-


or see if you can find this issue of FSM - full build details in there







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5 hours ago, Stokey Pete said:

Be careful Ade, you bought two already…..next thing you know, is you’ll end up with multiple schemes you desire, and you’re buying more. Someone I know has somehow ended up with 10. Can’t think who it might be :rofl:


Have you been digging through my stash? :frantic:

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