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Hobbyboss 1/18 Fw190


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20 hours ago, airscale said:



Interesting question :)


I already have the artwork for them for the 1/18 Fw190 V18 I started, but they simply didn't fit on the etch sheet for the kit and stay within our existing packaging


one to think about though :)



At this scale i would only do the buckles, its better to use thick foil strips (i use champagne bottle foil) then PE for the belt themselves. that would also take verry little space on the PE fret

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That's good stuff. Wonder if I can source a 1/18 Kit in South Africa? I guess it will have to be import, as with everything that is nice. Just a damn shame that imports are a mess now, with some parcels taking three months to get here. Two years back I got the same stuff in a week. They all blame Covid.

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