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1:32nd scale Albatros D.I


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Hi all,
Some progress on the Albatros D.I.
The smoothed and grey primed surfaces were clear gloss coated with 'Alclad' Aqua Gloss 600.
The undersides of the wings and tail unit had the ‘Aviattic’ German blue linen (ATT32077) white backed decal applied.
The upper surfaces of the wings and tail unit had the ‘Aviattic’ clear Linen Weave effect (ATT32236) decal applied.
All surfaces were then airbrushed with 'Alclad' Light Sheen (ALC311) lacquer.
The 'Roden' kit supplied decals were as expected very thin and fragile and were easily broken when applied.
Also this particular aircraft had marking not available as decals.
Therefore I inkjet printed all of the decals required onto white decal paper then sealed them with two coats of acrylic sealer.


I decided to try out the 'Quinta Studios’ 3D printed Albatros D.I set (QD32076).
The model raised details were already sanded away before painting.
Due to the time it took for the set to arrive in the UK from Russia (via Poland), I had already closed up the fuselage.
Therefore I only used the Part 1 sheet which had the external details.
These were brush painted to match the surrounding colours on the model parts.
I did not used the two strips on the upper surface of the lower wing roots as they were way too thick.
Instead I used strips of painted photo-etch.


All surfaces were then airbrushed again with 'Alclad' Light Sheen (ALC311) lacquer.
Weathering was applied using the 'Flory Models' Dark Dirt fine clay wash.
All surfaces were then finally airbrushed with 'Alclad' Light Sheen (ALC311) lacquer to seal it all.



























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Hi all,
Just a small update.
I've added photo-etch mesh to the front and rear of the 'Windhoff' radiators.
The photo-etch was heated slightly to create a heated look and then given a dark wash.
I've also added the bottom drain cock, made from 'Taurus Models' engine fuel primer.
Finally I added the radiators upper and lower attachment plates to the fuselage,





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Hi all,
The rudder, elevator and landing gear has now been fitted.
I've also pre-rigged the various flight and control wires, prior to fitting the upper wing.
The lines are 0.12 mm diameter mono-filament with blackened 0.5 mm diameter Brass tube.
The turnbuckles are from the 'GasPatch' 1:48th scale series.
There is a slight bow one of the rear landing gear struts, which I need to sort out, 














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Hi all,
During fitting of the upper wing both front struts of the fuselage cabane strut assembly snapped.
Looking at them it looks like they snapped cleanly and I think along stress points, possibly created during release from the moulds.
So rather than pin and glue them together, I decided to make replacement struts from Brass tube shaped around Brass rod.



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Hi all,
I've replaced the front cabane struts using profiled 1.4 mm diameter Brass tube with internal reinforcing 0.5 mm diameter Brass rod and 0.2 mm thick plastic card.
The remainder is the kit parts,



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27 minutes ago, MikeMaben said:

Looking good Mike.  What do you mean by 'profiled' ?

I'm thinking Mike used round tubes and shaped them into an oval or teardrop cross section with his Albion tools, but I may be wrong there. The parts look like it.


Top work on all fronts. That little radiator pops out along with all the other small details.

As for the Cabane struts and landing gear - I have similar issues with other Roden kits. I'd call the landing gear on their DR I flimsy at best and I think it will need to be replaced with something a little more sturdy. That seems to be a common topic with the kits that are otherwise pretty good (imo).

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