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A flying kangaroo - Schiebel Camcopter of the Royal Australian Navy finished


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  • 2 weeks later...

It's alive! It's moving!


A little bit more done:




The fuselage is ready for painting. The antennas are provided as PE parts, but I preferred to make my own ones from thin steel wire. This is just black primer now, ready for a coat of black paint. The rotors and the optics below the fuselage will be added after painting.



- dutik

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  • 5 weeks later...

Got some spare time to paint and varnish the model. Started adding the decals:




Finished one side. Nearly. The "Schiebel" decal curled during application. I was not able to restore it. Houston, we had a problem :tumble:


Option one: Leave the Schiebel logos off.

Option two: Applly the remaining decal to one side and call it a day.

Option three: Buy a second kit.


How to solve this issue? :hmmm:



- dutik

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  • 3 weeks later...

Here we go:






I have to check if I have make some touch-ups where I've maybe peeled off some paint while mounting the rotors, adjust the rotor blades a bit better (these are PE), decide about the final position of the rotor (it is just plugged in without glue) and then to permanently attach the camcopter to the base. I will add more and better photos for the gallery after this. And I should order a name plate, indeed.



Some comments about the final building steps:


Adding the rotorblades to the rotorheads was the easiest part of the whole build. Just open up the slots at the rotorheads with a fine rasor saw a little bit and plug the blades in. Add a drop of superglue and it is done! Adding the main rotor to the fuselage was not that easy: The shaft is way too short. I had to cut off the the shaft and to drill a hole into the rotorhead to add a steel wire. Same procedure at the fuselage of course. The rear rotor fitted well after shortening the original shaft a bit.


About the decals: Strong, thin, well adhearing. If you use a lot of water you have one and a half try to put them into the proper position. They will start to stick finally really fast. Don't use a setting solution or they will stick immediately! Thats why I had to buy a second kit for replacement decals.


All in all a very nice and convincing build. I'll build te second one in the red and white livery of the Canadian Coast Guard.


That's it!

- dutik

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  • dutik changed the title to A flying kangaroo - Schiebel Camcopter of the Royal Australian Navy finished

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