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"Lucifer's Chariot" - WC-135 Retired

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6 hours ago, Oldbaldguy said:

Believe it or not, airplanes are people too.  Each was has its own personality. Some have a heart of gold and you just love ‘em to death and others can be as nasty as a contrary wife or a pissed off pitbull.  


That's for sure! I've got time in C-5A/B...C-130E...MC-130P...MC-130H and some other non AF airplanes. Some tails 

were always fun to fly and others...better bring more clothes cause she didn't like to fly!



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It's weird to think that some military aircraft are considered reliable if they are available for their intended missions 60% of the time. These airframes are often hugely complicated and require extremely intensive maintenance. 


I don't know if it's true, but I remember reading that the C-5 Galaxy required 80 hours of maintenance for every hour it spent in the air. The cost of the servicing must have been enormous.


IIRC, the B-2 stealth bomber costs the US tax-payer a cool $95,000 per hour of flying.  



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