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1/32 FW190A Help Please? (Conflicting Schemes!)

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I’m aware that this may open a can of worms, but, I’m really fancying this;




But, then the same aircraft, with different Spinner Markings, Different Scheme, etc;




So, which is (More than likely,) right?


There is also this one that I really fancy too;



Any help with schemes, RLM numbers, info, pictures, etc on each of them would be most helpful and very gratefully received as I’ve spent all day looking on the web for info and drawn blanks! 

Thanks in advance.




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In october 44 the entire II group of JG5 - flying 109's btw - was redsignated IV./JG4. IV.JG5 was reformed february 45 in Herdla Norway with Fw190's and stayed there 'till the end. As such IV.JG5 Fw190 never flew in the Reichverteidigung, so the bands on a IV group Fw190 is directly incorrect.


As for the two color variations I think you should go with what you think looks the most like the picture - colour base is as Gazzas said with the reservation he mentioned that there was some play in the nuances. The area's on the side does look a bit dark though.


With regards to the spinner - this is said to be the same aircraft and to me it shows the simple spinner




While this one is certainly the same aircraft and it possibly shows the other design (hope it shows - I hate pinterest)






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