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1/16 Panther G, MAN Production, Last Steel Wheel, Feb 45

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Hola Tom.


Realmente se ve muy bien cómo te queda la pintura. ¿Qué pintura roja has usado?


Por otro lado, ¿cómo has hecho las palas de los ventiladores del radiador? No son los que vienen en el modelo. Estoy muy feliz de ver lo avanzado que está tu proyecto.





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Gracias Jose! Estoy usando imprimacion roja fina de Tamiya. Las aspa del ventilador tienen algunas seams de limpieza, pero no estan tan mal. Descubri que esos ultimos Panthers usaban menos palas de los ventiladores, lo que afortunadamente esta en un sprue que pedi para el calentador de la tripulacion.
Cheers,  Tom
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4 hours ago, Uncarina said:

Thanks Gaz! It has been a fun build, and I think Trumpeter did a great job.


Cheers,  Tom


From my own two examples, plus what I've seen of the other kits on the web, they've done an excellent job on all of them. I will unhesitatingly buy more, starting with the Panzer IV, then, whenever it's released, the StuG III, which I very much look forward to.

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Another update: assembled and painted 30 shells using Vallejo Metal Color, dremeled the MG ammo bags so they looked a little more like bags and less like boxes, and weathered everything with oils and Flory washes. For the three horizontal shells I added straps with scratchbuilt quickrelease buckles. Not sure why, guess I got a little carried away. Only 54 more shells to add to the interior!


Cheers,  Tom










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