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1/32 Hasegawa Bf 109G-14 Hartmann Double Chevron


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Guest Vincent
2 hours ago, ade rowlands said:

It really is a shame MDC don’t do these cockpits anymore. The detail is stunning. Really could do with a couple for my Hasegawa G-14 and G-6. 


The 3D printing boys are doing better cockpits nowadays so I gave up

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Guest Vincent
12 minutes ago, StefanGebhardt said:

Your input is invaluable for these builds and highly appreciated. Thank you Sir! I assume that the market for the MDC parts was too small.... 


It was just a side hobby for me

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Thanks guys!  I like the resin panel myself.  I need to tidy up that ammo counter though.


Based on Vincent's excellent comments on the drop tank,  I've cut the pressure port tube from front and added a hex drain plug, in addition to filling in the forward-most panel line.  Also added some dents to the tank.  The hex plug is probably a little overscale but it was all I could find (hub from a Revell G-10 wheel).  I'll try to find a smaller version somewhere.


The majority of today was spent fashioning seat harnesses.  I've decided to use the buckle hardware from the MDC brass fret and cut the fabric harness material from foil material.  Not sure where I got it... some random bottle of wine.  Hard to see but I've added some stitching using a neat toothed tool on the corner of a RB Productions brass fret.  Do I paint now and mount later or mount the belts on the seat and paint later?

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Thanks for the comments guys!  Always appreciate the input!  A question as I'm preparing to apply rivets on the wings.  Is the highlighted panel line appropriate for the G-14?




Based on some drawings that I have (Japanese Model Art publication), I'm thinking that this panel line is specific to the K-4.


Bf 109 G-6 (the publication didn't have a G-14 but I'm assuming that the G-14 wing was very close to the G-6?)



Bf 109 K-4  (There is even a call-out on that panel line, but I cannot read Japanese)


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While I am in a holding pattern on the riveting, I can report on a few other things.  I dug through my Mega Pile of Aftermarket Stuff and found this little item...


Photoetch instrument panels are not my fave and self-adhesive photoetch is the absolute worst so I found it very easy to cut the ammo counter from this set and attach it to my resin panel.  The Revi 16B gunsight has also been assembled and painted.  It came with the MDC cockpit set.


I had to check to see if the windscreen would fit with the gunsight in place.  So I put the IP into the fuselage for test.


The windscreen JUST clears the Revi.  I think the reflective glass of the sight are touching the windscreen.  So no protective armored glass.


The plastic exhaust deflectors were re-done in brass sheeting.


And finally... the circular wheel wells were adjusted to late Gustave standards with some slicing and dicing.

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Hi, John   Another great Bf 109 thread going on here !


About extra panel line on G-14  IMO is YES  There is extra panel line on the upper wing. I found coupe of pics and this is best one to see it so far.



Also Plastruct have various sizes of hex rod you can use for drop tank if you are interest.






Edited by Shiba
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I've sketched out the rivet lines on the upper wings but will wait until tomorrow to actually add the rivets.  Don't want to do it when it's late and I'm tired.  Or maybe I'll hear some last minute research about that panel line.  Either way... I'm gonna sleep on it.


One thing I forgot to check was to see if the resin cockpit interferes with the wing spar and fuselage bottom.  No interference whatsoever.

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