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Finally completing the Hasegawa Tony I began here a couple of years ago.

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Thank you Tom.

There is an upside to this. Blinatumomab may be the very first cure for any type of cancer.


I would go through it all again for one reason. Children suffer from my disease. I may be Priority case # 1, for a cure for children's cancer.


Over the years I have spent teaching since 1982, it has been my honor to teach children. I find I respect them more and more every day. My teaching of children, even more so than martial arts has become quite famous in the music community in Sydney. Nobody understands how exactly I am able to get the results I do. 


One important aspect of my teaching is a profound belief that it is impossible for a music student to make a mistake. I have spent a great deal of time thinking of this. The reason is simply understanding that they have yet to attain the needed muscle memory. 


Cheers Tom. 

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Thanks Mike. I will be okay. I don't want to lose my foot. I thought it was okay but the ulcer came back under a blister. My right foot plays my bass drum.


Sorry to lay it all out. I am affected by medication and I often awake feeling weird. 


I think the staff here needed to know how grateful I am. 


From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 


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Dale, I feel with you.

I became disabled almost overnight because the medication for AS stopped working and it was not caught in time.  I too am in pain 24/7, but I refuse painkillers as the ones they prescribed did not work unless I overdosed, and I too struggle to maintain any healthy form of social interaction (my circle of friends has deminished to 2 at the moment, and I am prepared/expecting to lose these as well).

To top it all, I have had 2 perios of amnesia - the worst one lasting a full 2 weeks ending with me waking up in a hospital under police custody (nothing came out of this, other than I am now getting 50% of the help I needed for at least 2.5 years before the incident - got nothing before that, even though I asked the doctors and council every other week).

And despite continuous tests they still do not know what is wrong with me (the most annoying part being that I fall without losing conscience and constantly have the impression I am in a small dinghy at sea).


I admire the fact that you keep fighting despite all that life has trown at you and an only hope to have a similar attitude.  Also love your modelling work.

Strength to you

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Hi mate.

I understand. Are you able to sleep? 


I do not use Skype and other than on 2 model forums I am not on the net. There is too much politics on the net and it does my head in. All the worst humans in history were politicians. I did post while insane and it was a horrid experience. 


Are you in Sydney? I will PM you my email. I often forget to check it, but you can email me if ever you need someone. I am here. 


Sadly I am unable to deal with life without pain killers. It is likely due to my own weakness. It's just that I cannot sleep. Sleep offers an escape.


Anyway, I did not mean to speak any of this and bring the place down. Chemicals really do alter personalities. I am sad that drug addicts are treated as criminals. In truth they are medical patients living without care.


One area for me, an absolute truth is that my wonderful country, Australia has a great medical system. Were I born in such a place as America, I would be long dead. 


Email incoming.

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It's just another day mate. We are all here now. All experiencing life. Life, eh? What a game. A game with just the one ending. 


Nobody wins.

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Thanks Tom.


What do you think of the colour blending? I am making this up as I go along.

Clueless as ever. :blink:

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4 hours ago, Landrotten Highlander said:

Love your work.

Clueless or not, you must be doing something right. Care to tell us which colours you are using for each plane?



I begin with basic IJA green and IJA green grey and stainless steel.  I apply it over a black base. From there I use regular pastels, artist oil pastels pencils, artist pastel pencils, as in AK,  and wax artist pastels. The original colour is long gone. 


I apply basic coats, seal and sand. I did this tonight night for 4 hours. Progress is very slow. I find it really calming. And I spend ages looking at photos, and searching for photos. Last night I did this with the Frank for hours. I copied the scratches from photos from a mix of planes. This is the 1st time I have done this. 


It is just an experiment. I am doing both differently to see what happens. 


Fingers crossed! :D

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