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Hello: Starting my first resin kit in a few weeks and I would like to get a recommendation on a razor saw. I used an Exacto years ago and found it to be 

extremely difficult to cut regular plastic (so much so that I bent the mount when trying to put pressure on the plastic piece) The Zona 35-050 Ultra Thin Razor Saw, 52 TPI.008-Inch Kerf, Blade Length 4-1/2-Inch, Cut Depth 7/16-Inch looks intriguing but I defer to those that use the tools frequently

Thank You


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The best razor saws you will find are Japanese ones. The main problem is finding a reseller. I got mine from Uschi but it looks all models are now OOP:




I have at least a dozen of various saws of different types and this is the best one, typically to clean resin parts;


For very precise work, the best one is the JLC type (CMK makes a similar one). Have a look here:




Since I'm using these two types, I very rarely go back to the other ones.





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23 hours ago, chrish said:

I’ve often wondered this myself, I bought a Tamiya photo-etch made saw but it like sawing stuff with a wet noodle. Once I’m back on a payroll somewhere I’ll begin with a purchase of some of these saws

good to know.... never occurred to me to ask. Oddly!?

I'm very happy with my Tamiya saw. Each his own I guess.

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On 10/28/2019 at 7:06 AM, Dryden said:

Thank you everyone for the replies. I got a Tamiya set because part of the Radu order was not in stock.

I appreciate the responses to my inquiry



I just saw this...I am sorry to see that the "out of stock" status put you off. It is possile that you found it was "out of stock" in some other retailer's shop, but in our store the cutting tools are all in stock right now. From time to time, some of our products may sell very quickly, but we make them as fast as we can. RB Productions is still a "two-man operation" and we try to do our best. When something is marked "out of stock" in our store, just order it and we will make it. Most of the times, your order may be shpped before the item is even marked as "in stock" in the store. :-) 


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