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Accessories from Lukgraph 1:32 scale

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We started the production of model accessories. The products are directly printed in 3d technology providing excellent quality. The first products are ready, these are the bombs from the First World War. To begin with, in 1:32 scale, but they will also be in the 1:48 scale.The bombs are in one piece, without gluing, without filling. Just remove the supports and paint. These should please Wingnut fans. Accessories (packed in rigid blisters):

32-A001 - 100lb HERL BOMB

32-A002 - 112lb HERL (early) BOMB

32-A003 - 112lb HERL (late) BOMB

32-A004 - 20lb COOPER BOMB

32-A005 - 230b HE Mk.I BOMB

32-A006 - Le Rhone type J

32-A007 - Clerget 9B

32-A008 - 12,5kg PuW Bomb

32-A009 - 50kg PuW Bomb

32-A010 - 100kg PuW Bomb












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I really like what you have done with these accessories. They make it possible to update quite a few kits.


Your recent releases in 1930's aircraft have done wonders to extend the number of available kits of that era. If this technology works as well as it looks, would you consider using it to update the engines or details as used on other 1930's kits like the Hasegawa F4B-4, P-26 or the Williams Brother's F9C Sparrowhawk or Gee Bee series? The kits are not that bad, but the engines could really use this treatment. Vector never did the Wasp Junior (R-985) as on the Sparrowhawk and Gee Bee, and their R-1320 had some issues with cylinder locations according to a few builds here. Might be an opportunity.



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