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Yes no problem

I start off painting the cockpit matt black using Tamiya matt black, then I spray from the top MRP light grey, which captures the shadows, which are matt black, I then just cover these with a light spray so there not to stark.

MRP paints are already thinned, so its a nice steady build up.

I do the same on the ejector seats.

it's then a case of hand painting using Vallejo paints, and using washes to darken and make it look worn.

once you're happy I dry brush using a light grey, but it's a very dry brush.

it's all down to personal taste, but try it, if you don't like it strip it back with paint stripper and start again, I have done this many times.

it's worth getting some good reference pictures, and try and follow how they look, you will get the hang of it once you try it.



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Well it all works, look pretty good.  What's the end subject going to be?  GR1 perhaps?

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