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box scale Cessna 182

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Thanks for the encouragement Kevin!

A bit more work today between bird house renovations and finding a home for the pollinators...bees. 

I've spent an enjoyable few hours building up an instrument panel, probably a waste of time unless I leave a door open as not much is visible in there...but since when has not visible stopped a modeller from adding detail right? It still needs mixture, throttle and pitch? controls as well as the hand brake lever under the left yoke...those controls are built and just need holes drilled and placement in the panel. 



As a tribute to the original panel, I shaved off the glove box door and glued it to this panel (right side below the gas? gauge) 

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A bit more accomplished on the Cessna project...might have to make a 172 next?

I've had to install brass rods in the wings as spars to straighten a warp that made the wings resembled helicopter rotors. Better now.

I made, not accurate but more realistic door hinges and chopped sawed filed and sanded the engine cowling and fire wall to be able to install the nose wheel.




couldn't resist a mock-up


I have wheel fairings from another kit but, only two so I might go open wheels, or try to make a nose wheel fairing.

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Just found a box scale 180 on floats for a reasonable price!


I feel I can go with one if these even though it's not an LSP as its 1:41st and not that other scale close to it. :rolleyes:

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do it!

I’ve got Whiplines and Edo floats for the next two in my stash...I could build these things all week and not get tired of them!

Am I weird? Please tell me I’m not! 

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Posted (edited)

I spent a bit of time in the engine room...a detail here and there ended up getting out of hand. It's not truly accurate (yet again) but more representative of the prototype.

I made new engine mounts, magnetos and exhausts, I got frustrated after losing a precious scratch built header someplace made another, broke it, sighed and used the kit headers. I am making a new muffler and exhaust pipe though.

I haven't wired the engine...I hope to not go that far with my details!

The engine:




Hmm sorry about the poor photo quality.

Thanks for looking.

Edited by chrish

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I have taken a bit of a mechanical step with the engine assembly. Since I added some details, and may add more...I decided to try to make the cowl assembly removable for viewing. It's not 100% because the cowl all comes off in one piece instead of a top and bottom half ( Unlike the Patbay Air 180 ) In any case, here's a couple of pictures of how my removable cowl may work.

The two components side by side


tail pipe angled forward


sliding into place


fitted, reverse for removal


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Thanks for looking!

I appreciate the feedback.

I've done some interior work today (bouncing around all over the place on this job) I tried going for some "retro" colours in the cabin, a kind of beige white with wood trim and red accent. All Tamiya and Vallejo acrylic paints. Seat belts added by way of tape, a square of plastic and a smaller square of BMF for the buckle and release button.

New cargo door being scribed in


most of the interior parts completed...I think


A look in the doorway


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