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Curtiss F6C-1, Curtiss F6C-2/3, Curtiss P-1A Hawk, Curtiss AT5/5A

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Dear Modellers
We are entering the new year with a few news in the 1:32 scale.
We are pleased to present the continuation of our favorite series of "Yellow Wings" from the interwar period.

Curtiss F6C-1 cat. no. 32-16
Curtiss F6C-2/3 (Float version) cat. no. 32-17
Curtiss P-1A Hawk cat. no. 32-18
Curtiss AT5/5A cat. no. 32-19 (with radial Whirlwind j5 engine)
Each model will have 2 painting versions
We hope that everyone will find something for themselves
Kits will be available in March 2019.

Lukgraph Team





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On 2/5/2019 at 12:06 AM, Rick Griewski said:

My favorite USA era.  If I buy all four a one time do I receive a discount?  Similar to buying 4 really nice bottles of wine or champagne.?





You can count on discount - it`s no problem. The problem is we will do 5 of boxes :)

Curtiss F6C-3 cat. no. 32-20 (boxart below).

There are a few detail differences on the hull and floats.

I will write about main differences later.





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it seems we are on the same boat!

I need to set up a compelling presentation to my Board (one wife, two daughters) to get financial thumbs-up and buy them all.

Significant counterpart expected, but I’m ready.

I can’t miss those bipes: Yellow Wings are my favorite modelling subject and Lukgraph keeps on rolling wonderful renditions out!

Look fwd to them coming.

Thanks Lukasz,


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