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Bell 206 B BG Air Force 01

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Hello my friends:)

At this topic I will continue with something that here in BG we called patriotic modeling :)

When my country was the little brother of Soviet Union, we had the biggest AF at Eastern Europe :)

a lot of MIG-21, MIG-23/almost all modifications/, MIG-29,SU-17,19,25 , also MI-2,4,8,17,24, also a lot of transportation Antonov cargo planes . . . but now :(

Well now the present president of my country is ex-jet fighter pilot of MIG-29 :) so . . .

So we are proud with every one flying machine that we have in present days :)

One of them is the US Bell 206 B Jet Ranger /because now we are NATO partners :) /

This sweet birdy is use for training of young pilots / lot of them girls ;) / as you can see:



For this project I will use the 1/32 scale revell Bell 206 Jet Ranger :




You can see the in-box review here:



This is very old model, cut of details, no panel lines or rivets, no aftermarcket for it :) etc.

Which also means a lot of re-work, scratch-build , it will be a challenge :)

So wish me luck and let see how far this project will go ;)


Cheers my friends :)

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Well lets start :)

with adding the panel lines and rivets, I hate rivet counting ;)

Replace the plastic grills with photo-etch ones.

Also detailing the main and tail rotors, joy-sticks/love this word ;) / with some bolts, buttons and triggers :)


















Cheers friends :)

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.......... Where did you get the PE from?

I'd love to get some for my US Army training helicopter (TH-67) build!




Hi Tim and thanks for kind word, appreciate it :)

Well, the photo-etch mesh is from trumpeter btr-60 pb 1/35 kit. Just cut it in right measures :)


Thanks Maru :) your words inspired me as always. thanks friend :)

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Thanks friends, I'm happy you like it :)

Well Tim, at that stage of the process I'll leave it, because the two front screens are also with wrong shape,

and that is the biggest problem at this kit.

If I touch the nose some how, the all front lines goes to hell :)

The front screens follow the lines of the fuselage and the radome.

If somehow change the nose in correct shape, the front screen lines goes in wrong direction :)

If my brain born some idea how-to fix :) I'll share and post it of course :)

Cheers my friend :)

Edited by ShelbyGT500

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Continue with adding more details like rivets and shafts of the main rotor.

Glued the two halfs of grill hood of engine, but here the one part is longer than the other , so used tamiya epoxy putty to re-work it, also drilled the exhaust pipes,

because they are a monolit pieces :)

Like I said in the beginning - this kit will be a challenge :)












Cheers friends :)

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Thank you Joel :) like a friend of mine said - the secret is in the details ;)

If we want a model look like an a real plane, well we must adding one detail after another.

Especially on old model kit like this sweet birdy :)


Maru my friend :) your posts continue to inspire me to do more realistic elements at our heli here ;)

Thanks guys and cheeers :)

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Continue with upper engine hoods - make another two holes of upper part of rear hood and adding mesh, also of the front part.

Start scratching the pedals and details of the front part of interior:




















Cheers fellas :)

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