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1/32 Revell Fw190 A-9 sprue review

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Timely. Mine arrived today and now I know about the landing lights I've corrected my kit instructions. I'm wondering though, was there not a read out for the radars in the cockpit? I see no part that could be a scope, how did the pilot interpret what the radar was telling him? The Owl conversion set seems to have something to mount on the instrument panel. Will have to look into that when its time to research my build a little more. 

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I thought there should be a cathode display in there somewhere, that it couldn't be an audio thing along the lines of the bomber stream direction markers. But to me it just looks like they stuck with the A-8 instrument panel, the ammo counters are where I thought the display was. At the moment I'm still not sure if I'm building it as a night fighter or standard A-8. That being said, the price I paid I'd get another kit and do one of each.

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I'm sure some AM guru will be along shortly with an IP ... like Eduard or Yahu etc ...

It's not like the kit requires a bucketload of AM to correct it ... and it's cheap enough ...

If that's the only issue ... That, plus AM barrels and an IP ... maybe gear? ...

Still relatively expensive here - still cheaper than a few other options out there.


Rog :)

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Guest DeanKB

On the radar equipped Fw 190 the cathode display was at the extreme upper left of the instrument panel. The screen had a diameter of about three inches (75 mm). 

75mm in 1/32 equates to 2.3mm.


Not too difficult to scratch built one.

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Not too difficult if you know the cross section and depth, and how it was mounted. And whether there was a prominent wire going... where? And whether there was a couple of knobs or switches for the pilot to manipulate.

One of those instances where a good photo tells a thousand words.



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