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Hello guys!
Having finished the F-104 I've now moved on to Tamiya's 1/32 kit of the F4U-1 Corsair Birdcage.
This is my first WW2 bird after a veeeery long time. :hmmm:
The kit is also very special for me as it is my fiancee's first ever model kit present to me (more came later)! :wub:
I'll be building it almost straight out of the box with just the addition of Eduard's fabric seatbelts, Barracuda's resin wheels and Eagle Cal decals.

I started with the cockpit and was impressed at the number of subassemblies that were required to complete it and how everything went together perfectly!
The fabric seatbelts were a pain to put together but I'm pleased with the end result and may use again in future builds!
The cockpit was airbrushed with interior green and all raised details were highlighted with the same colour lightened with white.
Smaller details were brushpainted their own specific colours.
For the tail wheel area I made my own mixture from brown, red, white and yellow.
Chipping was done with a small piece of sponge dipped in aluminium.
The green I used may be a bit controversial although I've seen examples of built models and all had the same colour. Anyway, I'm content with this one! :)

















More to come later!

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Guest Peterpools


Awesome kit and looking forward to you working your magic on the Big Bent Wing Bird. Super start on the front office and she is surely going to look the part of a well flown Corsair

Keep 'em coming


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That's a great start on the kit. I finished one recently and found it a wonderful build.




Thanks Carl! Couldn't agree more!

I was initially intimidated by the number of parts required just to make up the cockpit but it all falls together wonderfully!

Even the instructions, though clear, are pretty complex and I went through them crossing out whatever parts or sequences I wouldn't follow!

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Hi all!

With the cockpit done I moved on to the lower central fuselage area and wing root.

I have seen lots of builds with the front area painted in that salmon pink but after doing some test fitting I realise not much would be seen.

So I ended up painting only the cockpit area and undercarriage housing with interior green and insignia white respectively.

The air intakes were also painted with insignia white. The same colour was used for the wing spars where the wing folds but not sure why I bothered doing that in the first place.  <_<

Again, the fit was fantastic and everything fell into place perfectly!


Looking at the pics I may add a layer of dust pigments in the wheel wells for additional weathering.














Hope you like it! 

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