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New 1/32 WWI British RFC figures

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The Model Cellar would like to announce the release of 3 new 1/32 British RFC figures.  The first is an RFC Maintenance Crew Chief (Sergeant).  The second is a pilot in an open coat, and the third is a back seat Lewis gunner.  Each are sold separately, and the pilot and Lewis Gunner are also available as a "combo set".   All figures are sculpted by Mike Good.  (box art by Tim Farrell).  The figures are resin cast.























To see all of our 1/32 aviation figures please visit our catalog page on our website: www.ModelCellar.com


Thanks for looking,

best egards,



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Nice! Mike Good is one of the best. Also need to give Bill Chilstrom a shout out. Another good sculptor with many awards for his work, so if you see his stuff... We used to be in the same modeling club. If only some of that artistic ability would have rubbed off on me! 

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The painting, especially the aircrew, is stunning. The way the scarfs (especially the checked scarf) & coat collars have been finished is very impressive - adds a hell of a lot of realism.


The sergeant looks a little like his cat died?

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