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  1. My Mother just died, I have something else on my head right now, and I meant I would donate a kit if I had time, I see I had written it wrongly. Please don't bother me right now. Theo
  2. Have you forgot to take your medicines again? We had a Yellow submarine back in the sixties, so why not a Yellow Lancaster, Is it artistic, no. But if your happy it's good. It's a hobby, you can do all you want, but don't call it art. If you want that, take a brush and a blank canvas or a stone and a chisel. My point is, create your own fantasy, and if you love it then who cares. I think there was a competition on here on building a sort of Mad Max airplane, some 5 years ago and I loved it. We don't always need to be accurate on every rivet or panel. It can be nice to do fantasy sometimes
  3. Are you not knowing all rivets where filled with putty? Lot of work for nothing.
  4. No Panic, No panic, Its on what it's called, No Panic. Its on You To Sir, Yes That it was. I think so at least. I need to deliver sausages, but I keep looking for Nazi paratroopers, I have my bayonet ready, They don't like it Sir. They don't like to be poked in the butt, they don't like it Sir. Was signed, Corporal Jack Jones
  5. Now this is Christmas, ripping people of, you could have told them wat it's actually worth, or tell them where they can buy it. Hope your gentleman are proud on yourself.
  6. Hi Kevin, please include me in the Christmas raffle as a recipient. I Have a Hasegawa Spitfire Mark 5, including resin bits to give, I just found this article, I will post a picture soon.
  7. If I may react on this, I Am not English speaking. It would be nice if everyone who does, understand this and try to write articles with simple words if possible. We are a community from all country's all over this world and you can't expect everyone talks English perfectly or understand. Although I know what A Willy is. It would be nice if you do so. Just my thoughts.
  8. Try Mastercasters They have or had a Gabby Gabreski figure 1/24
  9. Not that I want to, but I see no option anywhere. Just want this answered. Theo
  10. Airfix has an electric motor for there 1/24 models, they are tiny enough for 1/32
  11. I have good results using hypodermic needles from my local pharmacist, I bought all sizes, and they look cool and are strong, smaller one in a thicker one. No plastic that you can easily knock off with clumsy hands .
  12. Don't I love this plane, it's A little Dauntless, you can see her shape already, I love this plane and the model from Monogram.
  13. Thick CA gel, will give you a little room for aligning things, to glue the instrument panel itself I use pva, white glue. For bezels etc use the gell CA. Also a good tip is to have some Bluetack or poster buddies on your desk for holding parts till you need them. 1 sneeze or cough is enough to otherwise send them in orbit. Good Luck. Theo
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