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  1. Beautiful pics, I remember Howard Hughes wanted to participate in a race with early jets with a ME-262, maybe this bird? He was not allowed to as they where afraid the ME-262 might win...
  2. Never tried masks, But when worked as a carpenter on luxury yachts, en we applied the name of the boat we used soapy water, so we could get in the right position. Thought this can maybe be a solution in your case, maybe not, but I would give it a try. You never now. Cheers
  3. The recipe of zc was about the ingredients, not about the color of it. Every Manufacture of airplanes had there own preferences. So the color depends on what your building
  4. Just found out it is forbidden in the EU, . Oh well. They studied for it to make rediculious rules.....
  5. Anyone knows a store in the EU that sells this? I can't get it from evilbay, tried it all, no luck.
  6. RLM 75 for the cockpit is good, A dark grey, but all other inside parts, like the wheelwells would be RLM 2, A greygreen color. Vallejo has it in there Airbrushcolors. You are doing very well, Keep up the good work. Theo
  7. Yes Enter me to the Raffle to as recipient and I will have A look at my stash, Am sure I have something to donate to this years Raffle. And a big Thank You to the people who organize everything, it will be a ton of work. Theo
  8. Try Vectr, it is a basic program, so no need to learn alot. If that is no good, then try inkscape.
  9. Pouring water will not help, I recommend to put it in water for a while, and it's important to hold it in place while it's cooled with cold water. Good Luck and let us know.
  10. Use hot water, nearly at cooking point, bend it when soft enough, hold in position and let someone else poor cold water over it. That should do the trick without damaging your paint job.
  11. I rather take the parts I need from the box, where they are protected, and work on those. I don't want them to be in the open, collecting dust from sanding etc, and expose them to damage. This module is not for me srry, but I do like the other module's
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