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  1. Thick CA gel, will give you a little room for aligning things, to glue the instrument panel itself I use pva, white glue. For bezels etc use the gell CA. Also a good tip is to have some Bluetack or poster buddies on your desk for holding parts till you need them. 1 sneeze or cough is enough to otherwise send them in orbit. Good Luck. Theo
  2. I use old brushes to apply filler, I am not a big fan of , use once ,then throw away. I clean the brushes with MEK.
  3. Final conclusion is, Jack your old. Sorry love to tease.
  4. Oow my go.. Again a discussion who has the biggest .... Grow up Kids
  5. There is a reason Zuckerberg is rich while hosting a "free"website for all idiots on this planet. I want my private info private. So no FB for me. We don't need it, This site is cool and all we need. Stay strong everyone, and don't forget, Corona is made in China, so it won't last long.
  6. Olive Drab is mixed from Black and Yellow, So Yellow is think best.
  7. It even comes with the broomstick Yeager needed to open the door, because he fell off a horse the day before. it is good kit. Although I did serious work on the exhaust. Look for pics of that and you see why. And I scratched in all panellines, Not much work, It is a simple plane. Made seat belts and wiring and as mentioned the rear end and it is a good model.
  8. Great X-Mass Raffle again, Please note me as a recipient, I will go through my stash this week to see what I can donate this year. Theo
  9. Wow, What a great build, I Am building it to and used all Eduard sets, metal .50 barrels, brass undercarriage. I want this to be as good as it can get. Still need resin wheels and the vacuum formed gun turrets. The last is a bit of a problem as I don't have PayPal no more. But I Am started on the wings and follow your lead. Could you be so kind to post the corrected wing spars onhere, please, 1 on 1 and talk us trough , like thickness, where to begin, etc, that would be a great help. Ty in advance. Cheers Theo
  10. Beautiful pics, I remember Howard Hughes wanted to participate in a race with early jets with a ME-262, maybe this bird? He was not allowed to as they where afraid the ME-262 might win...
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