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  1. Yes Enter me to the Raffle to as recipient and I will have A look at my stash, Am sure I have something to donate to this years Raffle. And a big Thank You to the people who organize everything, it will be a ton of work. Theo
  2. Try Vectr, it is a basic program, so no need to learn alot. If that is no good, then try inkscape.
  3. Pouring water will not help, I recommend to put it in water for a while, and it's important to hold it in place while it's cooled with cold water. Good Luck and let us know.
  4. Use hot water, nearly at cooking point, bend it when soft enough, hold in position and let someone else poor cold water over it. That should do the trick without damaging your paint job.
  5. I rather take the parts I need from the box, where they are protected, and work on those. I don't want them to be in the open, collecting dust from sanding etc, and expose them to damage. This module is not for me srry, but I do like the other module's
  6. My nuts are priceless But yes, Agree you have a chemical reaction, glass marbles would be oke in acrylic. Theo
  7. No, Not Olive Drab, Ocean Grey. The 56 never used OD antiglarepanels. They used RAF paint for there jugs. That's all I gonna say. But do what you Like.
  8. Ray Had let made the sprues about 3 years ago, but he missed 1 sprue, think it was the the sidewalls. So Kinetic has nothing to do with it, he has only 50 left
  9. Thx Kev, I will shut up and not suggest anymore that you can buy siccative at any store they sell good oil paints. Your right, better to buy rubbish at higher price. Yep. Ushi knows what they are doing old company's does not. I not know what is available in your country you live, as I don't know, I just tried to help. Iff that is considered rude, then I will shut up, Kevin. get A Life
  10. Why making it so difficult? Oil paint manufactures like Talens and Windsor and Newton, also make a thing called siccative, mix a few drops in the oil paint and it speeds up drying time.
  11. Cheeks could be a bit smaller, And have doubt about her hair, to be honest, But it's a good figure, Yep would buy it. Thx for showing it. Small boobs as well, grumbles Ty Joe
  12. Want to see her face, Please, Looks good.
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