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Bell 212 Twin Huey - Air Greenland


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I'm happy to see this group build actually taking off!  So here's my contribution...


Surprise its also a subject I have wanted to do for a very long time... One of Air Greenlands choppers, a Bell 212 Twin Huey.




Why is it special to me? I Haven't been to Greenland - yet but many years ago I actually flew a couple of times with this chopper when it was still used by Maersk to ferry crews to oil rigs in the North Sea...


This is what it looked like at that time...




This is the kit I will be using...




I have no idea as of what is needed to convert it into a civilian helicopter. I haven't done any research into it.


So if you have any knowledge, you are welcome to share it with me...


To me, Greenland is a very special place with a spectacular nature and since it used to be part of the Kingdom, we are sharing a lot of history with it here in Denmark...




Ready to take a trip to the Greenland ice cap...

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Will be watching and like Max, I'm sure you have a dio for the Huey in mind



I'm already feeling the pressure here and I haven't even started, Huh?


I will try not to disappoint all of your expectations... 


Ok, so I stumbled across this clip on youtube, you can get the atmosphere of Greenland and the kerosene of the Bell workhorse... enjoy!!!





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Kent ..
a few weeks back I watched a program pm wildlife in Alaska and Greenland and that scene on your post is all too familiar.

Can smell the mountain Air already and the Helos looks Amazing...
I think you have chosen the best model ..


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Hello Kent..


hope you are doing well and popped by to see if you had posted any pics.


good luck 




Thanks for the interest, all is well, I have decided to give the FPU Mosquito a big 'push' to see some progress on the build. Then I will return to the 'whirlybird*



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