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Prepping figures

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Due to the pretty much instant response to my query about prepping figs,here we go.

  I was going to do a few new figs for this and then decided since I have a larger dio already underway why not work on something that will go into that dio? So I picked some more figs from the Preiser sets I bought last year. These are up-scaled versions of figs they had in their range for many years already but in 1/87 scale. So some detail got a bit clumsy after "blowing them up" to 1/35 but I picked the better ones in the box.

 These ladies will be added to the rest of the refugees in my dio.

First pics,straight from the sprue,still in bits.  The faces are not bad at all.




Sorry,forgot you wouldn't see the faces in the first pic. In this pic they were just tacked together with my useless Faller Cement,which doesn't seem to bond plastic,a problem when it is supposed to be plastic glue !!




  I took a very shadowy,contrasty pic so you could see the sculpting. The poses and proportions are quite nice. Now use your imagination to visualize the better figures hidden inside the original plastic bits. What would you add? What should be removed or maybe enhanced?

 Leonardo Divinci I believe it was said when asked about sculpting said"I look at the stone and see the sculpture. I then remove anything that does not look like it"

These ladies look pretty good,the middle one kind of resembles Marilyn Monroe? They look good but I think we can make them look better and in doing so,make them easier to paint?

Is this what you fellas were looking for?


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Ok fellas,

  Here is what I got up to tonight.

I thought that I would start of with Mutti. Here is a closer pic with primer on.




The white areas are were I scraped off the mold seems with the number 11 blade. Every company uses different plastic so you have to get the fell for the proper angle and pressure to use. MB and Miniart have the softest and therefor easiest plastic to do this with. The Preiser figs were hard on my blades and required frequent changes.






I will concentrate on the upper torso first. Cringworthy close-up here.




With your blade oriented in this manner,scrape along the edges of flaps and collars,etc,to sharpen the edge.




Then reverse the blade for getting under the edge. This is the famous "undercutting".



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Once again,the white areas are the ones worked on with the blade. I have decided that head wouldn't do. I hollowed out the neck area in prep for a resin replacement head.




 I tried to get a good pic of the result after a thin shot of primer but it doesn't show up well here. Maybe I will try a darker color for effect?




  But you can see the sharper edge on the coat toward the bottom already. When I tackle the bottom areas I will drill out underneath the coat and that will reallyopen up where the bottom of the flap has swung open slightly. Just the beginning,lots more to do on "Mutti".


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Great stuff..............


Some of the stuff I have learned from Jerry and Shep was the technique of cutting off the head/hands of a figure and drilling out the hole to get cuffs and collars looking much more realistic.  Drilling out the coat on a large flowing garment/coat like she has on seems like it will go a LONG way to a more realistic look. 


Cant wait to put some of this stuff into practice. 


This stuff is GOLD!     Please continue good sir!

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