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AH-64 Apache, Revell 1/32


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By the looks of it, the decals in the kit seems ok, but thanks for the offer, Shawn! :)


I started doing a few bits and pieces.




The rear ends look a bit empty, but not sure how it should look yet. Took a quick peek, and black might just do the trick. :)




I haven't decided if I'll use the pilots or not, yet. I think the seats looks great as they are, so maybe I go without pilots.

The cockpit looks pretty ok to me, so would do great with some colors, I think.



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The intakes got som putty.




And the cockpit parts, some black color.




If I got it right, floor and walls should be gray, and panels black with white knobs and dials.

Looking at pics some parts looks greenish, or maybe dark grey. Maybe it's just worn and faded black.



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I masked the panels, and painted the cockpit floor and walls grey.




Painted the seat cushions green. I put some parts in place to see how it looked.




Some parts needed some extra black.






Turns out, by looking at the above pic, that I need to add some more black.


Anyway, I did some dry brushing and detail painting on the instruments and assorted knobs.

Maybe I should add some other colors as well.




Still I need to do some additional painting and a wash, and also some decals are needed.



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Thanks Shawn! :)


yeah, they sure are, and I need to fix some, and repaint.


I'm not always into total correctness, but it still kinda matters.

Thought it looked cool with the gray and black, but luckily black is still easily enough sorted, as nothing is glued yet.



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