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AH-64 Apache, Revell 1/32


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Nice Job Hakan, the cockpit looks fantastic. Are you building it OOB or are you going to use some aftermarket. I plan to do a 1/32 Apache in the future and I have the verlinden detail set in the stash, which looks pretty complete. I think that Flightpath also produce a detail set for the Apache.


I will follow with interest.



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I did a search and it sure looks good. Can imagine it would be useful.

Yes, it's pretty big, and I keep hitting my magnifyer lamp and tilting bottles with it! :)


I'll have to see if I can find a bag from some other kit that I can use, as it looks pretty nice having one hanging on the door.



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I used wash and tamiya weathering kits, to add some dirt and grime.






I've also started adding parts to the fuselage.




And preparing some parts.




I cleaned up the rotor hub and blades too. Pics on them later.



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As it getting close to do at least some paint job, I wanna ask about the color.

The instructions calls for a mix between od (Hu66/R66) and green/dk green.

I got a few versions of the aircraft olive green/drab but they're a lot warmer than od.

Anyone got a color to recommend? or FS number.



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