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AH-64 Apache, Revell 1/32


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I've been working a bit both here and there! :)

Parts to the loadout.




The main rotor.








I glued the rear rotor.




Part of the rotor assembly on top of the cockpit.




Which also shows the color I've choosed to use.


Fitting the cockpit took some work, and I hope I've done enough, as I glued the cockpit to one fuselage half.




Next I'll be joining the fuselage halves.


I've also dipped the glass in future/pledge.




Not easy as an airplane canopy as the windows are large and flat.



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Ok, could be possible, as the casting is part of the issue.


I tried to fit the other half, and it turned out like this, more or less.




So in order to try and correct that, I painted white on suspected parts of the cockpit.

And here's the culprit. :)




I did some sanding like this.




I think it is enough, or at least should lessen the pressure some, meaning enough to get the fuselage together.



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Thanks Maru! :)


Yes, I think the details is very nice considering the age of the kit.


I think I can make the deadline. Once the body is glued properly, I can start puttying and sanding, and then paint.

Good that most parts should have the same color. :)



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Gluing the fuselage was no easy task as something still was in the way somewhere, but I decided to proceed anyway.

I took a pic when I've glued the front and held it together with mild violence! :)




I let it rest during the night and most of the day, before I continued with the rest of the body.




I just had to take a pic with the rotor on




Looks pretty nice I think! :)


I've also masked all the glass, in- and outside.




Still not entirely done with the body, but will be, and can start puttying soon.

I also have a lot of small parts like weapons and gear to paint. I'm happy it's still progressing! :)



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Needed to use some force on the lower part of the nose too.




Been working with various bits and pieces too.




Found a bag for the rear door in my Stuart kit. Some putty and minor mod and it's ready to go.

I made a retainer for the gun mount, as it's just pushed into place and I wanted it to stay and keep movability.

The rear tire had a sink mark and needed some putty.




More small parts that needs some attention before paint and assembly.

I have do check that radar/recon thing, as I have no idea what colors should go behind the glass.

Looks like some kind of lens inside one of them

I also don't know the purpose of the glass in the bottom.



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