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AH-64 Apache, Revell 1/32

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Needed to use some force on the lower part of the nose too.




Been working with various bits and pieces too.




Found a bag for the rear door in my Stuart kit. Some putty and minor mod and it's ready to go.

I made a retainer for the gun mount, as it's just pushed into place and I wanted it to stay and keep movability.

The rear tire had a sink mark and needed some putty.




More small parts that needs some attention before paint and assembly.

I have do check that radar/recon thing, as I have no idea what colors should go behind the glass.

Looks like some kind of lens inside one of them

I also don't know the purpose of the glass in the bottom.



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Thanks Boris! :)


Feeling no pressure! :)


Been doing some puttying.






I removed some excess with wet q-tips and some wet sanding.

Some places might need some adjustment, as usual! :)



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Thanks Shawn and Maru! :)


That bottom panel was a bit of a pain to get in place, and would have been even harder if the legs would have been mounted, I think.


I got a question about those "do not grab" decals. There are four of them and according to the instructions there should be 2 on each side (left and right), but looking at your build Shawn, and on pics, there are three clearly visible on the right side, and I can't tell if there's anyone at all on the other side. Not sure it's needed there, as that side is closed.


That panel on the inside has to go a bit further to the rear, otherwise it won't fit due to the glass.


More pics soon I hope! :)



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I used ref pics and a white berol pencil to write that detail on.

i wouldn't bother putting them on the "fixed side"...who's gonna grab there or read it?


My thought too, so I'm skipping that side.


Nice progress, HÃ¥kan!



Thanks Kev! :)



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First decals in place! :)




Actually first time I think I won't bother with visible decal film as the real ones seems to look that way.


Getting the canopy in place seems a bit fiddly.




First problem is the panel I've mentioned, that needs to sit quite a bit further back compared to the instructions and locator tabs, or it will simply get stuck on the middle window.

Second it seems like the front window won't close as that thing on the panel hits the window. Might have to sand it down a bit.

Was this a problem for you Shawn?



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