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Trumpy A-6E TRAM Intruder - "Raygun 501"


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It keeps raining, I keep building and fitting. Last night's focus was on the canopy internal frame and the inner wing control surfaces. Happy to report that all go together rather well.


The control surfaces are interesting - the flaps have these massive arms that mount into the wings. The piece between the wings and the flaps also has some little mounts that are supposed to be glued to them. DO NOT DO THIS! If you glue the mount tabs to the piece, you won't be able to fit it to the wing due to the angle. I found that fitting the mounts into the wing, and then placing the (flap cover?) on top worked very well.




More fun tonight!

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Man. Work priorities cut down my bench time like it was a Game of Thrones character this weekend.


Finally got back to things last night, albeit late (had to catch up on GoT!). I'd intended to get a real start on the cockpit, but found myself messing with the wings first.


Trumpeter's approach to the wing folds is both really solid, and really frustrating. The "hard" elements on the wings are great. But the main folding actuator...good god. It builds out of four separate pieces. It's not stable. Alignment is...weird. It definitely sets the outer wing installation as a job that needs four hands.


So on a whim, I thought...what about extending the wings? The connecting rods are a bit short, but they hold well enough, and the fit is really, really good.




The question then...would it fit in my display cabinet? The Intruder is 21" long with a 20" wingspan in 1/32. My cabinets are 17.5" deep from the back to the sliding doors. Taped together the starboard wing, stuck it on, and tested it. The tadpole clears with an inch or so to spare. 


So that settles in. This puppy is getting built with the wings out! Yay for bigness!

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