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Trumpy A-6E TRAM Intruder - "Raygun 501"


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Work has been substantially slowed down by rain (and the wait for lead wire to finish rats-nesting the cockpit), but I've been mucking around with the MERs and the Rockeyes.


The MER mounting positions don't line up with the mounting holes in the Mk.20s, so I've had to drill new holes. They look ugly, but at least they'll be hidden once everything's mounted up.


After drilling out the first two, I ran into a problem...




Not good. For a few hours I thought I'd have to ditch the MERs altogether, then I had an epiphany. I'd drilled the new hole for those two by going forward...so if I drilled new holes by going aft instead...


Lo and behold, it worked.




Frustratingly, the way the mounts work, there's no way I can drill anything out and add metal rod as a stronger join. But at least I think I can get a nice good grip with what I've got to work with.


Late last night, I started work on the MER "shoulder" mounts and came across this wonderful sprue connector location Trumpeter came up with for the sway braces. Thanks a lot, guys.



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Additional diameters of lead wire finally showed up yesterday, so I was able to finally get the cockpit all wired up. I think I want to add a few more bits here and there, but want to place a few placards first and see how much room I have to work with.




With the GRU-7s in place (added upper hood/ejection pull ring since last photos)




Also got one of the MERs all the way together. The need to fill the seam slowed things up a bit...moving on to the second one soon.



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FINALLY got a bit of a break in the rain last night and a chance to paint some stuff - the main need was the nosegear bay since it needs paint before I can close the fuselage - but I also got to use some of the white on the AMS Rockeyes. A few I need to go back and sand further - for all the detail the surface of the bombs is a bit "rippled". 




I'm also calling the cockpit - outside of the seats - done.





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Guest Peterpools


Brilliant front offcie and some mighty excellent progress on the A6

Keep 'em coming


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Hi Matt-


The cockpit looks outstanding, and as always, I am a big fan of your work! I will certainly try the acrylic ink that you used to paint the switch panels.


I'd like to offer a suggestion:


when I look at your beautiful cockpit, I can see every switch and knob (perfect) but the pilot in me has no idea what any of those switches are for, because they are not labeled and there is no lettering for switch position or function..Imagine a cockpit full of switches and knobs but none of the lettering like "ARM, OFF, ON, TUNE, HF, IR" The poor crew would be clueless! A fine brush and some white enamel applied with a steady hand can give the illusion of switch panel lettering, and is certainly do-able in 32nd scale..


Just a thought-





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