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Tamiya Mustang.. back to the bench.

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..wait a minute, where is the cussion base???   :innocent:

     under the teapot....Wife caught me using it       Thanks Martin .

          PS.  I do all the cooking,The kitchen is my domain,it belongs to me and me only...............so I'll use the damned comfy cushion .. any time she's not home.

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Rear view mirror and bombs..

  Found a good shot of the mirror..used for positioning.also created a rectangular cover panel where the radio wire pulley would have been.

   Had to detail the bombs a bit more(have to add the front prop to them)..AMS kind of thing...

    We are just about there.






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Couldn't get any better 'n that Bill! Do you have a pic you could share of the rectangular cover that replaces the antenna wire pulley assembly? Very intriguing detail. By the way, I'm pretty sure the bombs were attached to the pylons after the pylons were attached to the wings................... :whistle:





P.S. Don't bring this to any competition I may have anything entered in. Just sayin'

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