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  1. Ryan: Sometimes you just have to scratch your head and say "why?". Your scratch built detail looks really nice and will look even better when painted and weathered. Andy
  2. Wow! That eerily looks like my modeling bench right now. Great that your back and looking forward to your updates. Andy
  3. Glen: The P-39 looks fantastic! I am in for one. Hoping a P-51B and a P-51H are in the works. Andy
  4. Louie: Now that brings back memories. That was the first large scale Mustang kit I built as a kid. Had to mow lawns in the neighborhood in order to afford the kit. Built it in a couple days and painted with Testors enamels in the little square bottles. Kept the plane until I went to college, and then it mysteriously disappeared (Mom threw it out with a lot of other stuff). I am going to enjoy this build. Andy
  5. We did. I love the photos of Col. Mason in front of "This Is It" with his ground crew and the other leaders of the 352nd FG. Those photos capture the beautiful lines of the Mustang, and the 352nd is my favorite Mustang group of the Mighty 8th. Your build is one of the finest models of a 352nd Mustang that I have seen. Andy
  6. Bill: Beautiful! That is one fantastic build. Kudos, Andy
  7. Bill: Great find of the pic of the rear-view mirror and fairing! I second Kevin is saying superb work on both the canopy and the bombs. Andy
  8. Jerry: Great start! The pit looks really good. What markings are you going to use for this model? Andy
  9. Bill: Looks great! I love the subtle weathering on the cowl. Andy
  10. Bill: Can't speak for anybody else, but I think it looks great! If your efforts are off, they are not off by much comparing it with photos of Col. Mason's plane. I wish a decal manufacturer would make decals for this aircraft (I hope somebody's listening). Again, great work and I wish a had your skills. Andy
  11. Markus: Beautiful work on the cockpit! Looks fantastic. Andy
  12. Beautiful! The blue looks spot on. What paint did you use for the blue? Andy
  13. Bill: Looks great! What other shades did you use other than airframe aluminum? Andy
  14. Bill: Beautiful work as always. Nice to see this build entering the home stretch. Cannot wait to see the finished product; not everyday you see a 'stang' in Col. Mason's markings. Andy
  15. Bill: Beautiful work as always. What did you do to highlight the tread pattern on the wheels? They look great!. Andy
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