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Trumpeter A-4E in USMC VMA 211 Wake Island Avenger

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Going to try another build as my A-7E ditched early. I'm going to build an A-4E from VMA-211 Wake Island Avengers base at Chu Lai. They did a lot of short range CAS, with typical mud mover loadouts. I'm using Zotz decals 32-053 A-4E Skyhawk in the Vietnam war. Will do # 151147 with the avionics hump. Load out will hopefully be Snake 'n Nape, with AMS MK-77 napalm on outer wing pylons, and Mk-82 Snakeyes from the Academy F/A-18 on MERs from a Tamiya F-4C/D on the inner wing pylons. Belly tank from Hasegawa with AMS end cap. I'll also be using a AMS Escapac ejection seat. Nose gear will be replaced with a Scale Aircraft Conversions part with a separate wheel. If i don't use Snakeyes i'll use either Mk-82 slicks or Mk-20 Rockeyes. Should be fun, these aircraft kept a steady mission load, they got very dirty and grimy, with paint faded from the extreme weather. Some pics.







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Compared to some of you guys, i'm moving at a glacial pace. I've managed to dry fit and assemble the cockpit, engine and fuselage quarters. I have found the kit has remarkably good fit, though the plastic is brittle and i have to be careful cutting parts off the sprues and trimming them. Then engine has some accessories to add, i'm using the basic shell, enough to support the tailpipe and front face. This assembly fits nicely into the fuselage. After dryfitting and trimming, i found the fuselage quarters could be joined with the front and back halves of their respective sides, dryfitting side to side after the cement set showed excellent fit, great work, Trumpeter!! Something i found with the fuselage panel lines were most were too shallow. I went over them with a scriber. I always have problems with aligning fuselage/wing panels like the airbrakes, find it difficult to keep everything level with the ajoining surface. I remedy this by cutting out the well below the panel so i can easily align and glue the panel from behind. Quite a few panels like this on the build, though just the airbrakes have a well to cut out.






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Great Start Don!  I responded ( finally ) to your question about the panel lines on my post. Work has had my head down, but I'm making progress and you'll be caught up to me in no time!




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Wow!! been a long time since i did an update!! Did some work on the cockpit, i have to say 'pits are my least favorite part of the build. just can't seem to paint the things worth a darn. The floor/console/back assembly are the kit parts, seat is from AMS. The top of the joystick is from AMS, and i robbed a Hasegawa kit for the instrument panel, Trumpeters is really poor.







I finished building the engine, as much of it i'll use. I painted the inlet white and the front face silver with a Tamiya panel line wash.



I added most of the intakes, painting the insides white before assembly. I painted the front lip Gull Grey and the inner and outer parts red. I did this so i didn't have to do an involved masking job after.



The front of the intake is just dryfitted as i want to paint the fuselage behind it first before gluing on the opening.


More AMS bling, these are the Mk-77 fire bombs, i may use four of these and add an MER on the centerline with 6 Snakeyes.




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