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Hasegawa Ki-84 Chinese Nationalist Forces - finally there…..complete


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Since i have not got all the goodies yet for my IAF F-16A Netz, I have settled for one of my stalled kits, a Ki-84 from Hasegawa - where i got inspired by the numerous builds here on LSP - and then daunted from carrying on.


As for most builds, I started off with the pit, coating in Alclad aluminium, before applying the dull brown cockpit colour that Hasegawa recommends.













This kit really is a joy to build, and I can see a second one on the horizon.







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And tried the same for the upper surface:




I tried to get a more worn look than my usually too pristine models.


The next phase was new to me, as I tried to use a "chipping solution", in this case that from Vallejo (the AK solution was not in stock at my LHS).




Really a bit hit and miss - not overly impressed with the effect on the cowling - but those on fuselage and part of wing look fine.


It is quite easy to use, just dilute and spray though the airbrush. Once dry (it remains tacky for a long time), apply the top coat - and once that is dry, wipe off with a moist/wet piece of paper kitchen towel. 




Now I just needed to settle down for a scheme….



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Initially I was attracted to a "blue Ki-84",


but Jay Laverty had down such a superb job here on LSP that I decided to do something new.

While browsing through Jacek Jackiewicz's book on "Japanese Aircraft in Foreign Use" I stumbled upon some captured Ki-84's used by Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist Chinese forces.

In addition - Stefan G provided a useful profile by Jerry Boucher from an old issue of SAMI - mercy vielmol!




All I needed now was a set of blue sky-white sun masks….



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Verry cool


This kit is spreading like wild fire!!

Thanks - it is indeed a great kit - a real pleasure to build - and at that price (€45.-) it is a steal.

I really see me building another one in the near future - with a few additional AMS e.g. Eduard cockpit, flaps.


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Why was this moved from the Group Build? It seems like it would fit.


I've built a couple of Chinese Franks and painting the markings isn't that hard. Just get yourself a compass cutter to handle the circles.

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